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Sports betting is an emotional form of entertainment. The outcome of the bet can and often does change many times throughout the sports event. People who like to bet want to be attracted by stylish designs and even more importantly – these designs need to be built to last. This is the expertise of AMUsys in sports betting terminal design. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than wanting to place a sports bet on a terminal that is old and maybe even out of order. AMUsys terminals are built for play 24/7 in a beautiful design that sends out that all-important positive emotional message to players.

The industry needs to turn to the professionals in terminal design, development and manufacturing. AMUsys is here the first company to turn to for sports betting terminals. It goes without saying that Austrian manufacturers enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. AMUsys has focused from day one on terminals. Founded back in 1999, the initial demand was for touchscreen amusement terminals and internet terminals. The sheer popularity of such games ensured that AMUsys gained the experience to provide terminals that are built to last, to be used on a 24/7 basis.

With fifteen years of experience in this field, AMUsys can naturally cite major clients as long-standing customers, particularly in Austria and Germany. Today the focus between hardware and software development for sports betting are completely different fields of expertise. That is why AMUsys places its entire focus on the hardware development. A major area of sports betting is in the online sector. Therefore, the software companies are the ones in the public eye. These companies then turn to AMUsys for their terminal requirements.

AMUsys has released its next generation of sports betting terminals – and the ICE at London this year was the perfect place to do this. The new Touch4Bet-HD sports betting terminal was proudly presented there. This attractive, ergonomic terminal naturally includes all the latest innovations that can be expected of AMUsys. It comprises of two monitors that are both of a wide-screen 24” design with a 1900 x 1200 resolution. The screens are thus 30% larger than the conventional 22” screen as found on many sports betting terminals. Similarly, the new 16:10 format is more customer-friendly than the previous 16:9 format. The issue in the past of not being able to see the screen well enough from any angle, thus from the sides, now belongs to the past, as AMUsys has integrated IPS technology to ensure great viewing possibilities regardless where you stand in front of the terminal. IPS provides for a bright picture with excellent colour consistency and optimal screen scrolling. The terminal is naturally built to last and be used on a 24/7 basis. It is made of stainless-steel with anti-corrosion powder coating. Customers can choose the terminal colour themselves as AMUsys offer many RAL colours. The hardware itself can be adapted to customer wishes. That is the beauty of working together with AMUsys – a hard- working, experienced yet small team that places its focus on providing customer- specific terminal solutions.

This experience counts and is reflected in the way the Touch4Bet terminal series has been constructed to be very service-friendly. There are three service areas that can be accessed individually by correspondingly chosen service personnel. Service area 1 is for printer access. Service-area 2 is for key component access, including the electronic validator, banknote reader. Money access is also available here (in the coin cashbox and the banknote stacker). Service area 3 is for PC access.

AMUsys offers a wide range of terminal solutions. For example, the Touch4Bet is also available with a single monitor. The ICE was a great success for the team as Mr. Otto Krauss from AMUsys underlines, “We experienced great demand for our new terminals at the ICE. Our customers highly appreciate our quality and reliability and combine this with our proven experience and success over the past fifteen years”.

The AMUsys team moved to new, larger premises in 2013, to prepare for the increased demandfrom the new terminals. These new premises fulfil all the preconditions for AMUsys to flexibly react to and service all customer contracts. Furthermore, the state-of-offices in Traun, Upper Austria, reflect the flair for design that AMUsys is known for in the industry. Situated close to the motorway, the AMUsys team is easy to find. Otto Krauss, Peter Platzer, Joachim Gru?neis and Helene Prem are the long-standing team with decades of experience in the terminal business for sports betting. In addition to this, the newly updated website gives a complete overview of AMUsys, demonstrating all the product range and giving full contact details of the AMUsys team.

AMUsys is thus rightly the number one choice for sports betting terminals.

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