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Redefine the Bowling Experience. Grow Your Business

BES X is the most innovative, and the world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System.

Only BES X is designed to maximize every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to customers by delivering more fun, more ways to socialize and more competitive excitement—all while making it easier, more comfortable and more relaxing for people of all ages.

A new BES X center comes online somewhere around the world every 45 hours. And, BES X centers report:

• typical increases in bowling revenue from new customers and longer play—with Open Play increases anywhere from 9% - 25%

• increase in birthday party and corporate/group event business—number of events, size of each party and revenue per person

• customers are most driven to exclusive features like Mad Games, YouToons, Selfie Grids and the ability to choose their experience directly from the console

• a “rising tide” effect on total revenues after adding BES X—when people bowl more, they spend more everywhere in the center

+39 051 4192611
Via della Croce Coperta, 15, Bologna, 40128 Italy
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