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The Twin SMART Coin System combines a state of the art bulk coin validator, 2 x mixed coin hoppers & recyclers in one. The unit validates, discriminates and stores mixed coins, eliminating coin starvation & the need for multiple hoppers.

With a market leading coin hopper capacity, acceptance and payout speed the Twin SMART Coin System is designed to eliminate coin starvation and significantly reduce operator collection through highly efficient refills. Operating at market leading speeds of up to 24 coins per second the Twin SMART Coin System improves operator cashflow, significantly reducing collection costs. 


  • State of the art bulk coin validator, 2 x hoppers & recyclers
  • Eliminates coin starvation
  • Market leading coin capacity, acceptance and payout speed
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • High security - multi frequency sensing technology 

** Please note dataset availability is limited, contact for details. **

+44 161 626 9999
Innovative Business Park, Derker Street, Oldham, OL1 4EQ, England
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