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ETF Ride Systems is your partner in developing a ride that enhances the experience of your theme park, museum or event. Whether you are looking for a dark ride, a suspended ride, an elevated ride or even more a special customized ride, ETF Ride Systems is here for you. We develop customized rides based on proven technology. This can be together with any partner for decoration, media integration or for animation, we will create a unique ride that adds value to your theme park or museum.

Focus on the total experience

We have over 70 years of experience with building rides for amusement parks around the world, suitable for the whole family. In our rides the emphasis is not on speed but on total experience, which e.g. can be created through smart programming for seamless integration with its multi-media environment, or just by getting around through nice surroundings.

Choosing ETF is choosing:

  • A high quality product tailor made to your needs
  • Proven technology in parks around the world
  • A trusted business partner
  • Reliability and safety

ETF Ride Systems offer a broad range of ride concepts. Trackbound or trackless, in the water, on the ground, elevated or suspended. All our ride concepts have the flexibility to integrate specific customer requirements. We offer high quality decorations to merge discretely into your parks backdrop or to represent a specific theme.

Mr. Ruud Koppens
+31 (0) 495 677 000
ETF Ride Systems, Randweg Zuid 11, 6031 SX  Nederweert, Holland
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