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We have represented several reliable European 4D-attraction suppliers for over a decade. Over the years we have sold and rented 4D-attractions to locations such as Helsinki, Tampere, Vaasa and Oulu in Finland, Tallinn and Tartu in Estonia as well as Texas in USA. Most popular of our attractions are Mysterious Underground, which is a thrilling 4D-roller coaster ride in an abandoned mine and Prehistoric Oceanarium which is a 4D-walk through attraction with ancient creatures lurking in large water tanks.

Prehistoric Oceanarium
Prehistoric Oceanarium gives spectators a feeling of being in an oceanarium with gigantic prehistoric marine mammals. This walk-through attraction ends in a room where a huge shark enters the glass half-way into the room where spectators are. The platform moves and a little bit of water splashes on the spectators giving the illusion of a shark crashing through the glass. This effect will for sure startle even the most fearless of spectators.

Prehistoric Oceanarium is also available as a shorter Shark Attack version, which only has the ending of the original Oceanarium walk-through.

Please ask for more details if you are interested in upgrading your premises with a 4D-attraction and you can find more information of the 4D attractions on our website:

Harri Mononen
+358 400 450 826
Coinline Games Oy, Rajamaankaari 5, FI-02970, Espoo, Finland.
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