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The DPX®-S2440 is a complete gaming system combining the unrivalled performance of Advantech-Innocore’s DPX®-S440 motherboard with the convenience of the new DPX®-S2000 enclosure.

Adding a new dimension to the DPX®-S series range, the new S2000 enclosure is a gaming system logic box designed to accommodate any of Advantech’s DPX®-S series motherboards in style and with excellent access to the interior behind a casino grade key-locked lid.  The S2000 enclosure effectively leverages the massive scalability options of the DPX-S series high performance gaming platforms giving customers the most versatile gaming platform available.

The DPX®-S2440 system has a card slot bay for a PCI-Express graphics card that is wide enough for today’s high powered double- width graphics cards giving the customer the ability to upgrade from the integrated graphics for more performance or to add more monitors (up to 7 or more). For mass storage the system includes a quick release carrier with shock mounting for solid state disk or hard drive as well as the on-board storage options of C-Fast or SATA DOM devices.

 Key features:

·Rugged logic box design

·Security and access to meet the requirement of the gaming industry

·Dual and Quad Core AMD Embedded R Series (formerly codenamed Merlin Falcon) APUs up to 2.8 (3.4) GHz

·Full gaming features set

·High performance integrated or PCI-Express graphics

·Easy service SSD/HDD module

·Casino grade lock and intrusion monitoring (Battery backed and logged)

·“Futureproof” removable I/O shield design allow upgrade to future DPX®- S motherboards

·12VDC or ATX power input options

Koen Stomph
+44 (0) 191 262 4844
Kingfisher Way Silverlink Business Park North Shields Newcastle, NE28 9NX, UK
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