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Quixant UK Ltd

“Quixant is the world's premier company focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of the most advanced PC based computer systems and monitors for the global gaming industry. Based in the UK, Quixant currently has subsidiary companies in Italy, USA, Germany, Japan and Taiwan, with customers in every region of the world.

Through its range of all-in-one gaming platforms, Quixant empowers gaming and slot machine manufacturers to offer the most vibrant, captivating games, combined with a vastly reduced time-to-market.

A recent addition to its varied product portfolio, Quixant now also offer a wide range of gaming monitors, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the gaming industry. High-quality wide viewing angle A-Grade panels, LED backlighting and advanced touchscreen technologies are available, including PCAP, SCAP, SAW and IR. The cover glass and frames are customizable with choice of logo, graphics, colour and 2.5D or 3D cover glass for unique ID requirements”.

Sales Contact
Leo Bateman
Telephone Number
+44 (0) 1223 892696
Quixant UK Ltd, Aisle Barn, 100 High street, Balsham, CB21 4EP, UK
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