The Specialist Buyers Guide for the Vending Industry


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GeWeTe has 14 products.

WGS 102/103

The "small" solution

  • Change money: Banknotes and coins to coins
  • Highly reliable cash processing
  • Money changer with minimum space requirement
  • 7 inch TFT Touch colour display

WGS 170

The high-performance change machine for dispensing large quantities of coins

  • Changing banknotes and coins to coins
  • High coin capacity
  • 7 inch TFT Touch colour display
  • Compact design

WGS 200

The high-performance changer for dispensing large quantities of coins

  • Very high coin capacity
  • Easy to operate / easy to service
  • Intelligent coin refilling and fast emptying

WGS 300

The compact allrounder

  • Modular design
  • Banknote and coin handling
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Flexible installation


The perfect cash handling solution for the Casino sector with a unique and innovative design

  • 27“ HD Touchscreen
  • Bill Breaking
  • Ticket Redemption
  • Player Card Solutions
  • Bank Cards accepted
  • High Banknote Capacity
  • Easy implementation to all Casino Management Systems


The modular money changer with PC and database technology

  • High-tech changer with high-quality equipment
  • Banknote recycling for up to three note values
  • 15 inch LC-Display with Touchscreen
  • Personnel accounts with account receipt


The compact machine for sports betting, cashless systems and ticket systems

  • Automated pay-in and pay-out of sports betting slips
  • Safe and quick cash handling by high-quality equipment
  • Any time overview of all statistic figures via remote access
  • Less personnel required
  • Processing 1D-barcodes

Cash-Center-Compact-7“ inch LCD Touch

The compact solution for Ticket Redemption and Sport Bet Handling

  • Ticket redemption for casino and AGC markets
  • Automated pay-in and pay-out of sports betting slips
  • Banknote and coin acceptance
  • Small footprint
  • Secure and efficient cash handling


The perfect cash handling solution for the Casino sector

  • Large note capacity
  • Ticket handling / TITO
  • Cash in / cash out
  • Payout of all winning tickets
  • Connection to many Casino Management Systems
  • Handling of player / customer cards


The most competitive recycling-system. The money changer that makes changing coins into banknotes child´s play…

  • Banknote recycling via the Merkur Dispenser 100 or JCM iPRO-RC (with recycler)
  • Up to 200 coins in bulk and coin recycling for up to two coin values
  • Money changing in all directions: Banknotes to coins – coins to banknotes - Banknotes to banknotes and coins to coins.