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Waterplay Releases the Water Weaver Series!


Get ready for another creative play experience by Waterplay®, the world leader in forward-thinking splash pad solutions. Available immediately to the global market Waterplay has released three new, experience-driven products with the Water Weaver series, a unique product grouping featuring a simple design with remarkable play value, at an economical price point.

The easy-to-install, low maintenance features hit the market well positioned to respond to the industry need for collaborative, multi-user play experiences. Created to stimulate the mind, Water Weavers inspire exploration and encourage spatial awareness and movement through interactivity and playful weaving water effects. Waterplayers jump, bend, reach, crouch, squat and run as they move their body to the speed and rhythm of the spiraling water as it splashes 360°!

“Water Weavers are a unique product that focuses on the energy the water brings to the play space,” says Markus Ehring, founder of German design company Public Poetry and lead designer for the Water Weaver concept. “The design is minimal, but the play value and water display are exceptional, making for a very fun product that will be a nice addition to any space.”

The three products work together as a group, or individually, alongside any of Waterplay’s product lines. Perfect for a new installation, a refurbishment project, or an expansion, Water Weavers delivers innovation and excitement with unmatched value.

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