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Hannah's Story


This summer, Hannah, 5 years old, from Wisconsin, USA visited Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells and had the time of her life!  She was so excited by her experience that when she got home, with crayons, Hannah designed her own waterslide.

Her father, Jason, tweeted Hannah's contact and much to his surprise, they received a personal, hand written note from Noah's Ark stating that they liked it so much that they would make her dream a reality.  Jason again tweeted his things to this very cool response.

Meanwhile, Noah's Ark reached out to waterslide manufacturer companies, inviting them to create Hannah's dream.   

Polin was so very touched and inspired by Hannah's creativity in her father's encouragement, that we've invited them to the IAAPA trade show.  

On Thursday at 3:30 PM, along with Noah's Ark waterpark, we presented Hannah with a very special gift - her waterslide concept as a fully designed model!

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