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Guide to Retailtainment


In today’s competitive retail market, businesses having something a little extra quickly rise above the others. Providing in-store experiences that go beyond simply selling products can drive more traffic to your establishment. It can also keep clients entertained in your store longer and coming back. These kinds of in-store experiences are often referred to as retailtainment — a combination of the words retail and entertainment.

Retailtainment concepts run the gamut of the simple to the extreme, but all retailtainment strategies can benefit both your business and your customers. Consider this your guide to the new trends in retailtainment, as we explore this concept further and provide ideas for enhancing the shopping experience for your establishment.


As the name suggests, retailtainment is the coming together of both retail and entertainment. The main idea behind this concept is to create a customer experience that is enticing and enriching, and goes beyond the simple transactional shopping experiences. It provides fun for customers and elevates the whole shopping experience to something a little extra.

Back in 1999, American Sociologist, George Ritzer, came up with the term retailtainment in a book on the topic, defining it as “the use of sound, ambiance, emotion and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in the mood to buy.” This makes retailtainment essentially a form of marketing to consumers. The concept allows a store to promote a unique experience other stores or online shopping don’t offer. This marketing strategy has proven successful in driving traffic and increasing overall sales.

More consumers are shopping online, but in-store shopping is still thriving. Though with so many choices available, and smarter consumers doing online research before shopping in person, the competition is even more fierce. Retail establishments must find ways to distinguish themselves from the competition, and providing avenues of retailtainment, is a great way for this to be accomplished.

There’s a wide range of ways to use retailtainment, from the very simple to the very elaborate. It could mean something as small as having a coloring table stocked with paper and crayons for kids to stay entertained while parents shop. Alternatively, it can also be more complex like special holiday events, in-store cafés, added technology like online ordering kiosks or virtual reality devices, indoor playground equipment and much more.

Studies show today’s consumers prefer to spend their money on experiences more than on belongings. The happiness people get from buying things is fleeting, but entertainment can create long-lasting memories. Stores can use this concept to their advantage through the use of retailtainment ideas. These added entertainment experiences attract more customers to the store and can help get them more in the mood to make a purchase once they are there.

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