The Specialist Buyers Guide for the Theme Park Industry


TapeMyDay combines off-ride video and on-ride video with state of the art filming technology and innovative software for personal video tracking which is suitable for all sports, rides and attractions. 

It can track and trace people even in a disorganized environment. This makes TapeMyDay unique. It automatically creates, edits and distributes a personalized guest video covering the entire visit including possible commercial messages.

It is a great revenue and publicity and marketing data generator for any facility. It also generates repeat visitors to your website for downloading the films. TapeMyDay is customized for any kind of amusement or sports facility and can additionally be used for safety, security and attractions analysis purposes.

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TapeMyDay has 6 products.


The ideal solution for theme parks, water parks and adventure parks.

Strategic positioning of cameras for onside and off-ride recording

Onride and offride tracking & tracing for the entire visitor’s stay.

The most exciting moments are recorded and edited into a storyline film.

The result will be an action movie starring your guest!

Enhances guest experience, Drives revenue..


The ideal solution for Ziplines, Trampoline Parks, Soft-play centres, etc.

Cameras will be strategically positioned in order to capture the best moments.

Modular setup – Easy to implement, expand and operate.

The result will be an action-packed Director’s Cut production!

Enhances guest experience, Drives revenue..


The ideal solution for Trampoline Parks.

Strategic positioning of cameras to record the best angles.

Guests record their actions and keep their best performances.

Full Digital distribution and live replays.

Movie compiled of selected highlights, mixed with stock footage.

Enhances guest experience, Drives revenue..

Tapemyday Performance

The TapeMyDay – Performance system offers insight into physical, tactical, statistical and technical matters of individual performance and/or interaction between players and teams during and after a training or match in a simple, fast and precise way.

• Automatically follows and films all individual players simultaneously.

• Covers the whole training session or entire match from start to finish.

• Offers live video streaming and analyzing tools for trainers & coaches.

• Allows insight into physical, tactical, statistical and technical matters.

• Generates live graphics, statistics & multi directional game highlights.

• Enables second screen and interactive television viewing at home.

• Provides additional tools for facility safety & security analysis purposes.

Tapemyday Composer: Roaming

In some cases, a roaming photographer is exactly what the situation calls for. In order to take this traditional concept to the next level, TAPEMYDAY offers an exciting technological innovation in line with the rest of our product portfolio. 

Through this innovation you can convince more of your guests to purchase their photos and increase their ease-of-use a great deal. The solution also greatly improves roaming photography efficiency and is easily integrated with other elements of your TAPE MY DAY system.


Alongside our revised take on roaming photography, we also offer Chromakey (green screen) solutions. The base concept of wireless transmission, instant preview + retrieval and a digital download option via an automatically generated user account remain the same – the method of input changes.

 - We are able to provide theming at your request, working together with renowned industry partners.

 - We are able to provide grey screen options. Instead of a brightly coloured green, the background will be dark grey to the eye. A ring of light around the camera will momentarily cause the signature green colour that enables easy extraction.

Giga Selfie

Especially for landmarks, landscapes, cityscapes & amusement parks.

There are many wonderful places in the world, and we see them daily on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Selfies are a geat way to capture memories, and share them with your friends and loved ones. They are often times also dull and of poor quality, doing no justice to the impact of the experience. GigaSelfie aims to bring selfie to the next level.