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Over the last 35 years, Shaller Go Karts have become the #1 provider and manufacturer of concession Go Karts in the USA.   Shaller continues to lead the Go Kart industry in reliable innovation.  We design and manufacture right here in Texas, USA.

Shaller has built well over 11,500 Go Karts, with customers in over 45 States including Puerto Rico, and in many countries outside of the USA, including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Shaller Go Karts have a reputation for high performance, responsive handling, superior quality, longevity, and ultra-low maintenance.   We have over 11 different models (Gas and Electric) to select from.  Shaller has designed the leading and most State of the Art Electric Go Karts*.   



Slick Track Wedge

Slick Track 2017

Ultra Trax

Rookie Kart*

Kiddie Kart*

The Single-Seater was the original model manufactured. The Single-Seater and Two-Seater Karts are designed for Family Entertainment Center tracks and road courses.    The Slick Track Wedge and Slick Track 2017 are High Performance Go Karts, designed for flat slick tracks, road courses, and oval tracks.  The Shaller Slick Tracks are equipped with a 9 HP Honda motor, custom bucket seats, wide racing slick tires, and a live axle. 

The Ultra Trax is the latest high performance Shaller Kart.  The Ultra Trax has similar features to the Slick Track Karts, but is intended for banked tracks, as well as, road courses and ovals.   These High performance Karts closely resemble “Real Racing.”  The driver should be a minimum of 60” tall for Karts operating at speeds of 22 mph or less.   

The Rookie Kart is intended for children 7-10 years of age.  The Kiddie Kart is intended for children 4-7 years of age.

Shaller now offers the most innovative State of the Art Electric Karts.  Our electric karts are the best Karts on the market; quick, responsive, extremely durable, and have the lowest maintenance cost of any Kart in the industry.  We offer both DC and AC electric Karts.

When Shaller designed and manufactured the first Go Kart, price was not a consideration, but performance, toughness, low maintenance, and dependability were.    Price is the amount you pay for something, and cost is a measure of that item’s performance over an extended period of time.  Shaller Go Karts are known for their longevity and low cost.

Prices are F.O.B., Schulenburg, Texas.  A 35 % deposit is required.  Lead times may vary, but generally, delivery times are less than 40 days on average throughout the year. 

To inquire about Shaller Karts, call us at Shaller Go Karts at: 979-743-3892 or at 800-293-5198.   Visit us at:   

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