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Alterface Projects

Putting interactivity at the heart of entertainment since 2001!

Alterface Projects is the leading manufacturer of interactive and media-based attractions across the world. Our mission is to design entertaining attractions complete with creativity, reliability, high return on investment and of course fun!

We develop, market and implement interactive entertainment solutions intended for non-domestic use. Our HQ is based in the heart of Europe : Belgium. We also have an office in the USA and in China. Our expertise and exclusive technologies are appreciated by our clients : amusement parks, family entertainment centers and museums, located all over the world.

Alterface Projects has developed an exclusive technology and has an unequalled technical expertise in its sphere of activity which gives us a key position for many customers.

Make the interactive systems designed by Alterface Projects the heart of your entertainment project! Our business is transform technology into fun!

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+32 10 480060
Avenue Pasteur 11, B-1300 Wavre, Belgium
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Alterface Projects has 3 products.

5D Haunted House "The Castle of Chaos"

The House: The world first Interactive 5D Haunted House by Alterface The House is a very ambitious Dark Ride project now open in Branson, Mo, USA (A.K.A ‘The Castle of Chaos'). It's a unique interactive show which combines the best of interactive theatres, dark rides and 4D cinemas. It's a 3D movie, a ride and a game in just one room.

Gathered on a rotating platform, featuring themed seats, the disoriented players quickly move from one screen to another. They are armed with a gun and try to react to the surprises that spring up everywhere. The 3D images are completed with real effects in the room and many animatronics while the raging elements, lights and sounds create a unique and frightening atmosphere.

CinemAction-Desperados, Pirates Plunder, SeaSafari

CinemAction is the name of Alterface’s solution for Interactive Theaters. An Interactive Theater is an installation where audiences of various sizes
are sitting together, equipped with an interactive device (gun, picture cameras..) can interact with a very large screen located just in front of them.

But there is more to it - a special camera, located right in front of the players takes a picture of the audience and best and worst players will appear, for real, right in from of their fellow teammates. Laughters guaranteed!

The cinemaction modular hardware features a great variety of add ons that are used in all its different contents - Special effects   (wind, explosion, water sprays or aromatech) or enhancements (vibrating seats, themed interior or ticket redemption systems) are available to even further increase the visitor’s experience.

Put guests right in the heart of the action as they become gun-slinging deputies chasing the bad guys out of town (Deperados), furious pirates chasing spooky skeletons out of the harbor (Pirate’s Plunder), or photo reporters in a quest for rare fish (Sea Safari, 3D)!
The attractions are designed to entertain from five to 80 people and can accommodate up to 640 people per hour.

CinemAction/P, CinemAction/M

Over the years, ‘traditional’ dark rides have given way to new, interactive experiences – which add a game element to their emotional content.

Alterface is helping to develop these exciting attractions, by building on the successful CinemAction technology used in its interactive theaters. The company is bringing a fresh technical and ergonomic approach to the field, taking it to new heights in terms of user experience and reliability as well as new lows in terms of investment and cost of ownership.

CinemAction /M (M stands for mobile) and CinemAction /P (P stands for pedestrian) are both members of CinemAction family, a technology developed by Alterface to make almost everything interactive.