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Here is YourGuide to the leading suppliers of Water Rides

abc rides

ABC Engineering AG, founded in 1997, has been in business with a track record of a variety of successfully operating water and other park rides and the design of special ride elements, some of which are unique and only offered by abc.

In 2017 ABC will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Reason enough to be proud of the success of an innovative and forward-thinking company. Highly qualified engineers and staff have partly over 30 years of experience in the amusement business and use their know-how to manufacture off-the-shelf and custom designed rides.

Sales Contact
Urs Zimmermann
Telephone Number
+ 41 44 786 08 50
Verenastrasse 37, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland
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ACQUAPARK is a leader in the design, development and construction of water parks and waterslides.

We at Acquapark base our business on essential and indispensable company values:

  • Safety first
  • We work with integrity, fairness, honesty and professionalism
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Respect for the Earth and the Environment
  • Research, Development and Continuous Improvement
Telephone Number
+39 030 99.69.112
Via Gavardina, trav.III, 30 A / B / C - 25011 Calcinato, Italy
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Miniportworld supplies fantastic mini-electric boats for the rental market. Targeting families with children aged between 3 and 10, our boats come in many different styles and offer commercial operators an appealing family attraction combined with a strong return on investment.

By using the latest manufacturing methods, Miniportworld are able to offer highly flexible designs to suit your corporate image and logo.

We can also combine one of our Miniports with our complimentary product Minisafariworld - Click here to see how to create a thrilling land and sea experience for your customers.

Miniportworld provides full support in designing, installing and promoting your Miniport. Once up and running, our multi-lingual technical support team is on hand to answer your questions or help resolve any technical issues you may have.

Miniportworld also operates its own locations and uses these to test new party ideas, themes and corporate packages before rolling these out to our client base.

We can supply our products to clients in several ways:

  • Outright sale
  • Turnkey
  • Rental
  • Partnership

Telephone Number
+31 6 54 928303
Miniportworld, Laan van Kronenburg 14, 1183 AS Amstelveen, Netherlands
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Ride Engineers Switzerland, RES

Ride Engineers Switzerland, RES develop, design, construct and maintain amusement rides for theme parks.

  • Creativity, innovation and smart Swiss engineering
  • We design, build and maintain amusement rides. For our customer around the globe, we serve as single source from the first idea until implementation and maintenance.
  • By combining creativity, innovation and smart Swiss engineering, we create unique experiences for our customers and their guests. Specialised in water and tower rides, we transform not only children’s dreams into a living experience in theme and amusement parks.
  • Customer first: on-time project delivery and carefree maintenance
  • We are fully dedicated to customer’s projects and ensure an efficient, on-time implementation at industry’s highest quality. Our customers enjoy carefree operations and high-class service at any time.
  • As long-time experienced professionals in the market, we are passionate about solving technical challenges: Efficiency, efficacy and transparent communications are our main guidelines in every customer project.

Telephone Number
+41 55 55 200 45
WillTEC GmbH Ride Engineers Switzerland, Breitenstrasse 21, CH-8852 Altendorf, Switzerland
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SBF VISA Group provide a comprehensive rides service. Purchasing a ride whether it be a Thrill ride, family ride, childrens ride or attraction from SBF VISA Group is not just buying a ride, which has high entertainment value designed, engineered and manufactured to the most demanding International Standards, it is also acquiring a totally professional support service team which provides advice and guidance in the selection then acquisition of a ride and/or attraction.

SBF-VISA has extensive experience and expertise because of visiting and working with operators all around the world to advise you objectively.

Theming and decorations to the specific requirements desired by you and your consultants modifying the design and manufacturing of a standard ride or attraction to comply precisely to your concept advising and assisting in the pre-installation technical and site requirements, proper packing and loading of every component to safely deliver your equipment to any place int the world.  Expert technical support by factory trained specialists for the supervision of installation, commissioning and training your personnel in operational maintenance procedures.

The SBF-VISA Group has an urivalled amount of experience in the leisure industry which includes hands-on expertize in the planning, site preparation and project management of new or redesigned facilities enabling the SBF-VISA Group to offer excellent advice and assistance working closely and productively with your designer, architect and other consultants.

Spare parts for all of our rides and attractions are readily available at the SBF VISA Group factories, you will receive contact information enabling you to have people to communicate with 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless what time zone you are in for efficient, prompt attention at all times.

To contact   SBF Srl - Via 4 Novembre, 20, 35040 Casale di Scodosia (Padova), Italy
Phone - +39 0429 847098 or Fax - + 39 0429 878287
email: web:

To contact   VISA International Srl - Vie dell’ Apprendistato, 2, 35044 Montagnana (Padova), Italy
Phone - +39 0429 804622 or Fax - +39 0429 81699
email:  web:


Telephone Number
Via 4 Novembre, 20 -35040- Casale di Scodosia (PD) - Italy
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