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SUZOHAPP unveils new revolutionary logo


SUZOHAPP is proud to announce the launch of its new company logo that perfectly portrays the company strategy, mission and dedication to serving its customers around the world. 

This revolutionary logo represents a new and modern technology-focused company. SUZOHAPP has advanced to become a leader in technology-driven cash management, self-service, and gaming devices. The advancement in cash management and self-service solutions has driven SUZOHAPP to become a key player in a whole variety of markets such as retail, banking, Central Cash Processing (CCP), ticketing, parking and vending alongside the traditional markets in gaming and amusement. SUZOHAPP’s mission is to provide our customers with excellent service and high quality components, solutions, and software that create significant value for their business. 

The icon within the logo represents the focus for SUZOHAPP in serving its customers – through the key concepts speed, flexibility and agility. Furthermore, the icon can be seen as a stack of coins – so relating to the focus on cash management within the company. The company vision is to become the global market leader by being true to its core value of growth through the investment in people and innovation and so providing market-leading solutions for all our customers in all the markets we serve throughout the world.

Matthew Brown, President and CFO at SUZOHAPP, explains the importance of this logo, stating, “Our company has transformed itself. We are in a completely different position today. This logo portrays this transformation and at the same time points to the future – a future where we aim to lead our markets through our commited team and continual focus on innovation – all for the benefit for our customers around the world”.

Sim Bielak, Chief Marketing Officer at SUZOHAPP, notes, “We are very excited to introduce our new logo, perfectly illustrating our new mission and vision. This is possible through our commitment to our people, our customers, and quality. The logo represents a turning point in our history - commencing a new era for SUZOHAPP.”

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