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Crane Payment Innovations

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) provides the widest range of high-quality payment solutions for the Gaming, Financial Services, Retail, Transportation and Vending industries.  The company serves over 100 countries and is responsible for one of the world’s largest installed bases of unattended payment systems.

From coin and note devices to cashless systems and smart software applications, all CPI products and technologies offer real end user benefits.  Our value proposition is built around delivering the tightest security, highest acceptance rates and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Whether you want to enhance the player experience, increase your revenue or become more operationally efficient, CPI has the right product for you.  Please contact us today to learn more.

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+1 610 430 2700
3222 Phoenixville Pike, Suite 200, Malvern, PA 19355, USA
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Crane Payment Innovations has 3 products.

MEI EASITRAX® Soft Count Software

MEI EASITRAX® Soft Count software is an integrated software/hardware solution that extends the security and acceptance offered by MEI CASHFLOW® SC into a casino soft count room. Information collected in the bill validator is now easily accessible in a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot performance.

RFID technology connects slot machine asset numbers to a specific cashbox. Casino operators can streamline the cash management process through:

A design easily retrofitted to all existing MEI CASHFLOW® systems. Simplified kits have been developed to ensure an easy installation.
Integrated with existing counter/sorter equipment to maximize efficiencies by minimizing system components.
Accountability without manual intervention. The ability to track the scheduled drops of all cashboxes provides a fast, efficient source to validate revenue and, as a result, ensures a more accurate collection process.


MEI CASHFLOW SC66 Note Validator

MEI CASHFLOW SC66 note validator is a high-performance note validator for ticket in/ticket out environments. The product’s industry-leading design evolved during a four-year research and development process by top MEI engineers. Equipped with advanced digital processing technology, algorithms and engineering, MEI CASHFLOW SC Series sets the new standard of performance and value for note validators by increasing your unattended transaction cash flow with:

Ultimate acceptance rates
Superior security
Fast, efficient note handling
Well-designed, affordable package
Widely deployed in casinos throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia
Highest first-time note acceptance rates in the industry with unsurpassed counterfeit detection technology maximizes uptime and customer throughput
Proven market leading in-field jam performance ensures highest reliability levels
Secure cash storage within advanced polymer alloy cassette designed to withstand frequent and rough handling
Lowest jam rate ensures market leading uptime results, and maximizes operator profitability
Lockable removable cashbox ensures high security
Rapid fraud response through online or local updates
Extended range of consumer interfaces available, including EBDS, Netplex, and USB

MEI GEO Gravity - Stackerless Bill Validator

The new GEO Gravity is a multiwidth, stackerless bill validator that allows operators of amusement and street gaming machines to profit from the value MEI creates. The GEO Gravity has been designed as a market-entry note reader.   This is the ideal solution where machine dimensions do not allow the CASHFLOW SC to be fitted but where an appropriate level of performance is still expected.