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Here is YourGuide to the leading suppliers of Professional Halogen Torches

Furneaux Riddall & Co. Ltd

Furneaux Riddall & Co. Ltd began manufacturing rechargeable handlamps in 1976 with the 'White Knight' range of handlamps and later the White Knight Halo Plus Personal Signalling Lamps, professional halogen torches.

Furneaux Riddall have been manufacturing the HP-11 range of signalling lamps ever since, with the HP-11R3RT LED capable of over 30 hours. "Railway Bardic lamp" is now a generic term used to describe any portable signalling lamp that uses different colours. Although designed as signalling lamps, LED bardic lamps can be used as temporary headlights or tail lights on trains in an emergency, and most trains have a bracket for holding these lamps.

The Halo Plus 2 lamp has been in production since 1990. It is used by the British, German and Swiss rail networks, as well as the Eurostar service and infrastructure companies.

Apart from the Network Rail approved signalling lamp used for train movement -shunting etc - Furneaux Riddall & Co. Ltd also manufacture a sturdy range of lamps for other areas of the rail infrastructure including banksmans lamps, and other portable spotlights for long and short distance inspection work. 

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+44 (0) 23 9266 8624
Alchorne Place, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, PO3 5PA
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