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World Trade Display

World Trade Display is your Digital Transformation Company that designs, plans, integrates and supports innovation, accelerating the digital transformation of companies.

Thanks to its innovative digital display, WTD transforms business ideas into interactive experiences that can improve the lives of organizations and people.

World Trade Display, ISO9001 certified company, designs and manufactures with its own brand WTD, interactive solutions with a high emotional impact, engaging the user in a unique and professional interactive experience.

Great people make great companies

There are companies that pursue progress, enjoying its benefits when it is common knowledge;….other companies instead that outline the future and realize the change in advance; …. making it available as early as today!!

The technical skills of people working for World Trade Display

are important, but even more so are our attitudes such as curiosity, ideas, passion, desire to change things and ability to get excited over new projects, in order to feel at ease even out of our so-called “Comfort-Zone”.

People ON

Not just simple product distributors, but real professionals in information technology & digital signage, with a company that for over 25 years designs and markets its WTD brand products directly based on the specific demands of international customers. 

Who we are

World Trade Display is an international player specializing in direct design and production of display and digital signage solutions with a high engaging and communicative impact …. Thanks to its strong consolidated sales over the decades and its highly qualified assistance its able to cover the needs of more than 32 countries around the world. The commercial offer is wide and diverse, designing and marketing in total autonomy its full range of WTD brand products, its able to satisfy multiple solutions through its products. Throughout the years World Trade Display has developed a special ability to penetrate international markets through partnerships with leading “panel makers” worldwide and not only, creating a wider and deeper working relationship, obtaining the ability to design and deliver to the current market customized solutions, as well as developing an international business synergy designed specifically for the customer, based on the best quality/price ratio and on new future technologies. With new technologies and most of all consistency of its product lines, World Trade Display meets and responds to the constant demands of new information and interactive solutions of international industries.

World Trade Display has always invested in new market segments with efficiency and punctuality, reaching today an international position of leadership, and offers a broad and wider range of products in different technological solutions, which now form an integral part of our everyday life, in an industry where technology continues to seize unlimited possibilities for the future.


In 1993, the “start-up” year, the core business of the company then known as Worldtrade, primarily focused in the world of information technology dedicated to the consumer, and more specifically on the basic components for the assembly of personal computers, with a wide range of products covering the entire production process of the same, becoming in the following years, one of the most popular companies in Italy that would then contribute to creating the entire national wholesale market of information technology.

The new digital technologies in the years to follow, have given a strong boost in the different fields of application, but above all they have answered a question more and more complex in the field of interactive displays; in fact, during the 2000s, the company diverted its experience in the exclusive area of displays, this following a precise choice made by the current president and founder Richard Taccardi, leading the company to be a single player of its kind, to contemplate a wider commercial audience and at an international level.

From 2010 onwards, special attention was also paid to the field of so-called “Digital Signage”, whose demand is growing steadily around the world due to the increasing number of applications and high usability in public areas; in fact, World Trade Display in the last decade has undergone an important development process, from simple marketing to design and direct production of its own range of products, now marketed under their own brand WTD.


Visual display with high emotional impact, innovation in interactive technologies and passion for the world of digital signage is our “mission” for the future.

Continue to design new display concepts increasingly trendy and high-tech …to develop new business opportunities with our customers for years to come..

The field of interactive technology with World Trade Display promises to be a bright future …highly interactive and engaging … what in the past seemed to be just a dream! 

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+39 0541 753344
World Trade Display, Via della Lontra, 43 - 47923, Rimini, Italy
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World Trade Display has 9 products.


World Trade Display designs and markets a wide range of interactive displays ranging in size from 10 "to 98" that can be installed on wall mounted or built-in version.

WTD touch screen monitors are the ideal solution for many different industrial applications, our interactive screens allow in fact to involve the public through a great variety of models.

For more information on WTD Touch Monitor click HERE


World Trade Display designs and markets its own wide range of industrial open frames with sizes ranging from 13 "to 55"; ideal to be collected in the various and multiple customer structures, offering a guarantee of product stability.

In fact, being able to take advantage of a stable display over time both as a size and as a design guarantees the customer from unpleasant discontinuity of product in their projects.

For more information on WTD Open Frame click HERE


World Trade Display designs and markets a vast range of LED display solutions with sizes ranging from 10 "to 103"; modern and elegant in shape, these screens are perfect to hang on the wall or to be installed on appropriate self-supporting structures.

Ideal for exhibition stands, congresses, events or conferences, the new WTD display designs are now a reality in the world of luxury hospitality.

For more information on WTD Monitor click HERE


Ideal to be installed on the front of any display, the touch screens and Foil WTD meet the increasingly pressing requirements of high performance and installation flexibility.

Inside industrial structures, the displays with the touch screen or Foil applied above help to make even those displays that were originally not interactive at become them, without having to replace the entire product.

For more information on WTD Touch Screen click HERE


WTD Display Digital Signage displays provide greater communication impact and facilitate the customer experience as they offer more engaging and dynamic content.

They also allow the management of remote content updates in an immediate and multiple way at the same time, in Italy and abroad.

For more information on WTD Display Digital Signage click HERE


The wide range of WTD touch tables is an innovative form of multi-channel communication ideal within sales points, shopping centers or chain stores but also within companies, showrooms, waiting rooms or airport lounges, railway, and underground stations.

You can therefore furnish your sales outlet or a transit area of your interest with different interactive touch tables, which project engaging and always up-to-date content.

For more information on WTD Interactive Touch Table click HERE


The WTD advertising players or multimedia totems are kiosks equipped with large touch screen monitors, elegant both in form and in structures and allow the consultation of interactive multimedia and informative contents.

They are ideal solutions both for the large retail sector, for example in shopping centers or shops, and as an information point in spaces managed by the public administration such as museums, squares or in railway stations and / or airports.

For more information on WTD Advertising Player click HERE


World Trade Display puts at your disposal the best technologies to develop and implement ticketing and elimination solutions as well as informing your customers in an innovative way.

The Kiosk WTD Self Service terminals will help you eliminate costs and downtime to offer better reception efficiency to the public as well as saving you money and optimizing staff management.

For more information on WTD Self-Service Kiosk click HERE


WTD videowalls are technological mosaics composed of 2k / 4k led / lcd monitors with ultra-thin frames, effectively eliminating the annoying chessboard effect and assembled and combined among them can be achieve any desired size.

Based on the characteristics of the environment in which they will be installed, World Trade Display is also able to design and create self-supporting structures and push-pull hanging solutions able to enhance this type of large screens.

For more information on WTD Videowall click HERE