The Specialist Buyers Guide for Rail Supplies and Services

Unipart Rail

Unipart Rail is a supply partner to some of the world’s best-known names. We offer solutions from a portfolio of skills, delivered by over 800 expert practitioners in their fields. Unipart Rail craft unique services that dovetail perfectly with our customers.

As part of the Unipart Group, with a turnover of £750 million, Unipart Rail support a large number of clients from blue chip companies to specialist suppliers.

As Unipart Rail have a strong set of principles that underpin our business – covering safety, corporate responsibility, employee engagement, and our unique Unipart Way, you can be confident that you are partnering with a business that has an ethical approach to serving the world’s railways.

When our customers need the best, they come to the best – Unipart Rail. And with expertise across both Infrastructure and Traction & Rolling Stock we have a holistic approach to the railway.

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Unipart Rail has 10 products.

PowerU - FSP

A new solution for the safe distribution of power to railway signalling and control systems. 

Supplying power into the infrastructure is a complicated activity and it requires a strong understanding of the industry requirements to do it expertly.

  • New Class II Functional Supply Points.
  • Cost-Effective technology from the rail experts


Sparta is a relay Portable Test Unit designed to allow preliminary testing of a wide range of BR930 line and track signalling relays. 

  • Standardised
  • Portable
  • Automatic
  • Relay
  • Test
  • Apparatus

Aqueous Rail Guard

Aqueous Rail Guard is a top performing, innovative ceramic clear-coat that is designed to protect under the harshest of conditions. Trains spend less time in the spray booth, and more time on the tracks.

  • Improves overall train appearance
  • Repels dirt and grime to reduce cleaning frequency
  • Graf ti can be easily removed Single coat application
  • Fully cured and in service within 48 hours

Track Circuit Assistor (TCA®)

Improves Track Shunting when rails are contaminated with rust

The build-up of rust on rails can prevent the track circuit being activated when a train passes. This problem is overcome with the TCA® fitted to DMUs.

Fiber ProTector

Advanced protection for all vehicle fabrics.

  • Effective fabric and carpet protection
  • Keeps fabrics clean and stain free
  • Reduces cleaning times by up to 75%
  • Protects against bacteria, fungus and smells


The Unipart Rail TrackPan system is designed and engineered to protect the environment from contamination caused by spillage and leaks on the rail network. Compared with traditional steel and concrete applications TrackPan provides an inexpensive and flexible alternative.

  • Lower cost alternative to traditional solutions
  • Quick and simple installation
  • No disturbance to existing track
  • Captures spillages and leaks
  • Avoids ballast cleaning costs
  • Available in standard and bespoke configurations


Materials Control Solution for Infrastructure Materials

Track and Trace is the general principle that underpins many distribution networks. It means that an item can be quickly found within a complicated system.

  • Track materials from assembly to installation
  • Trace sites with specific components installed
  • Monitor materials’ progress through
  • assembly, delivery and installation
  • Kit for individual locations 

Door Diagnostic and Monitoring System

Offers a cost effective complete solution for remotely monitoring the condition and performance of train doors whilst in operation.

  • Real time monitoring of door performance to enable early failure identification
  • Cost effective installation process
  • Automated communication of all data
  • Sampled data can be transmitted over an existing communications network

Bulkhead Mounted Driver’s Seat

  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Bulkhead mounted in drivers cab
  • Tip up seat base
  • Adjustable tip up arm rests and lumber support
  • Height adjustable frame and head rest
  • Range of fire performance options


Remote Condition Monitoring systems and products

Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) technology systems are becoming increasingly important for train operators as an effective means of understanding the performance of products during service operation.

Example Systems;

  • Inverter Monitoring
  • Door diagnostic and monitoring
  • Traction Motor Monitoring
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Event Monitoring
  • Radiator Monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring