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Unipart Rail

Unipart Rail is a supply partner to some of the world’s best-known names. We offer solutions from a portfolio of skills, delivered by over 800 expert practitioners in their fields. Unipart Rail craft unique services that dovetail perfectly with our customers.

As part of the Unipart Group, with a turnover of £750 million, Unipart Rail support a large number of clients from blue chip companies to specialist suppliers.

As Unipart Rail have a strong set of principles that underpin our business – covering safety, corporate responsibility, employee engagement, and our unique Unipart Way, you can be confident that you are partnering with a business that has an ethical approach to serving the world’s railways.

When our customers need the best, they come to the best – Unipart Rail. And with expertise across both Infrastructure and Traction & Rolling Stock we have a holistic approach to the railway.

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Case Studies

Unipart Rail has 7 products.

Zero Maintenance Signalling from Unipart Dorman

During the last decade we have introduced a variety of LED signals that provide a long and reliable operational service. The very low failure rates (over 40 million fault free operational hours for GPLs) and slow degradation of the LED intensity, allowed our design engineers to consider how to design the next generation of signals.

The next challenge was to enable the industry to benefit from the signal performance and reduce the whole life costs and operational risks even further.

Working with Carillion Rail to solve the Productivity Puzzle

East London Line Maintenance Project - Delivering the Ten-Year Asset Investment Requirements Plan for London Overground Infrastructure.

Carillion Rail are contracted to deliver a Maintenance renewal investment programme required to meet statutory obligations, sustain present capability, maintain the performance of the railway and provide identified asset initiatives. At the core of this programme Carillion Rail will renew selected signalling equipment across the East London Line with responsibility for the Design and Project management stage all the way through to Install and Test.

Freightliner - SmartServe Solution

Unipart Rail has a number of successfully managed depot stores in the UK and Australia but following a detailed review of existing and potential customer’s requirement, the company was challenged to develop an innovative approach to supply chain management based on Lean principles, with Unipart Rail responsible for supplying all materials and services required by a rail vehicle maintenance depot as close to the point of use as possible. The solution needed to be both cost effective and add real value to the depot maintenance teams.

Freightliner at the same time approached Unipart Rail as they were opening a new depot in Crewe that would maintain the Class 86 and 90 vehicles and were looking for an innovative solution that would support their maintenance activities.

VolkerRail - Supply Chain Services

VolkerRail were undertaking a Christmas ‘blockade’ - where a section of track is closed down to enable refurbishment - and required continuous supply of materials over the period 24th to 28th December. Because this was an unexpected demand with a tight schedule, delivery failures were not an option. The materials (which were for Overhead Line cable and structures, assemblies and structures) were critically important to the successful delivery of the possession.

Metro Trains and INVER Engineering

Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), operates a fleet of 72 Siemens trains, which have completed 1.2million km of service. In February 2014 the Bogie overhaul programme; one set (consisting of 6 bogies) to be replaced weekly for a period of 18 months, commenced.

Unipart Expert Practices were asked by MTM to support their preferred supplier INVER Engineering to establish an end-to-end process for this overhaul programme; the removal from vehicle at MTM, overhaul at INVER, return and refit to vehicle at MTM.

Off-site Factory for Overhead Line

Network Rail’s Stafford Area Improvements Programme seeks to improve capacity, reliability and performance on the busy West Coast mainline through three key projects:

  • Linespeed improvements between Crewe and Norton Bridge (now complete);
  • Resignalling Stafford station and the surrounding area
  • Constructing six miles of new railway including a rail flyover atNorton Bridge.

With the work being delivered by the Staffordshire Alliance – a partnership of Network Rail, Laing O’Rourke, VolkerRail and Atkins – the alliance asked Unipart Rail to help it develop a solution to the challenge of fabricating and storing the complex overhead line (OLE) equipment needed for the job.

Network Rail - Point Machine Service/Refurbishment

Network Rail needed to realise cost reductions within their supply chain and identified point machines as a key area. One way to realise savings was to use refurbishment rather than replacement more extensively. This presented Network Rail’s Logistics partner with a challenge and Unipart Rail was able to offer the Logistics partner access to their extensive float of point machines enabling the repairs and refurbishment approach to proceed.