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dormakaba, the merger of Dorma and Kaba, underscores our passionate commitment to you, our customer. dormakaba offer products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms – now all from a single source. With more than 150 years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. And with this foundation we want to remain at your side as a skilled partner. 

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dormakaba has 3 products.

High Security Key Systems

High Security Key Systems from Kaba - Kaba’s name has become synonymous in the rail industry as a provider of robust, patent protected, high security keying systems, designed to operate with absolute reliability in some of the toughest environments found in any industry today.

The reason our High Security Key Systems are chosen by many rail industry professionals is that by registering your Kaba locking system and the related keys directly with us as the manufacturer, you ensure that replacement keys and cylinders can only be ordered by authorised persons. Therefore, you as the system owner always retain control over your locking system and the associated keys.

In order to provide this degree of safety and security, every individual Kaba 20 or Kaba quattro pluS differ cylinder, as well as every respective master key system is supplied together with a registration card containing a code. This document determines the authorization requirements for any subsequent key orders, thus providing an efficient protection against illegal repeat orders.

The following applications are examples of previous work undertaken on locomotive rolling stock:
Key operated safety interlocks
Cab door locks
Low voltage keyswitches
HVAC & Electrical cabinet locks
Resettable emergency push buttons
Key exchange systems

Rail Station Security

Rail Station Security from Kaba - Most rail stations are open environments where members of the public are able to move around unrestricted. However, there are areas that must have restricted access, whether it is to protect any unauthorised persons from danger, or to protect the equipment from sabotage and vandalism.

It is not often possible or required to install an online access control system, such as the Kaba Exos 9300, to manage access to these areas, yet there is a need to be able to have an audit trail to establish who the last person to access the area was or be able to cancel access rights.

The Kaba elolegic product is from our mechatronic range and is stand alone. It is able to provide an audit trail and allow for personnel to have access granted or removed easily and quickly. Being stand alone they are ideally suited to rail environments where the design and layout does not allow for traditional online systems.

Trackside Security Solutions

Trackside Security Solutions from Kaba - Communication, signalling and power are essential to any railway and they often are protected by trackside cabinets and enclosures. These cabinets and enclosures can frequently be the target of organised criminal activity as well as malicious vandalism. Furthermore, as the locations are often remote it can be difficult to provide adequate protection. 

With just such a situation in mind Kaba has developed the Gateshield which is a unique trackside security solution designed for a broad range of applications where a simple padlock and chain or conventional cylinder and handle assembly is not deemed to offer adequate protection against a determined physical attack. With the increasing availability of powerful and compact rechargeable grinders and cutters the traditional methods of securing these enclosures and cabinets can be overcome with relative ease. 

This product development along with many others introduced specifically for the cabinet and enclosure industry was instigated as a need by a client. At Kaba we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients as a design partner, offering CAD design and development facilities for new and existing locking applications. We took our conceptual idea for the Gateshield, produced technical drawings and a working sample within a matter of days.

By specifying a patent protected Kaba cylinder in the first instance, as a profile cylinder, camlock or padlock you will have also chosen a technically advanced & superior product. This most modern of cylinder technologies, coupled with Kaba's decades of experience give’s you a high level of investment security.