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Barkers is a leading UK manufacturer of high-performance fencing products.

Certified by several national and international bodies including governmental regulators, Barkers specialist fencing products are produced to the very highest standards of security, resilience and quality. 

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Barkers has 7 products.


TwinGuard mesh is our medium-security fencing system. It is suitable for applications where a hard-wearing boundary is required, such as the railway where attack or breaches may be likely. Its excellent rigid panel systems delivers increased protection against cut through, whilst thick, double horizontal wires and a clamp bar fixing ensure robust demarcation.

Additional vertical wires create a clean, classic look that’s especially favoured by architects and specifiers and perfect for public environments.

Protruding spikes to the upper mesh border serve as a deterrent against climbing and scaling, and steel clips completed with stainless steel fixings helps prevent tampering. Flexible specification options are available to suit varying needs, which 868* or 656* mesh profiles and a Lite version with accompanying clip fixings.

Additional security upgrades are available, which include barbed wire extensions and a full height clamp bar in lieu of clips.

*wire diameters are nominal

Key Features:

  • Thick mesh wires protect against cut through
  • 200*50 mesh apertures
  • Clamp bar fixing from post to mesh
  • Hardwearing
  • Wire size within the panel can either be 868* or 656*
  • Conforms to the British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016
  • Clips also available for Lite version


StronGuard™RCS is an all-in-one perimeter security system to prevent vandalism, trespass and road vehicle incursion (RVI) on the railway.

There are no visible bolts on the front face of the fence and the high load anchor makes it virtually impossible to pull the pale from the angle cross rails by hand, crowbar or scaffolding pole making StronGuard™ highly resistant to vandals or trespassers.

StronGuard˜RCS is perfectly suited to situations where there is not enough space for multiple systems or where aesthetics is a concern for the surrounding area. No special ground conditions are required however specialist equipment is supplied with the product for installing. StronGuard™ can either be installed by our approved contractors or we can provide training for your installers.

It is easily combined with other security measures which include toppings, PIDs and electric fences, forming a comprehensive physical fortress.

Versatility is a key feature of Stronguard™. It can be installed on ground with up to a 30-degree slope without on-site alterations, meaning that you can benefit from maximum security whatever your geography.

StronGuard™ is accredited to and meets Network Rails standard NR/l2/TRK/5100/A/P 2015 rev A Class 1a.

Key Features:

  • High-security fencing solution
  • Accredited by Secured by Design
  • No visible fixings
  • The only palisade fence to provide PAS68 certification
  • ‘D’ Profile
  • Fix from the rear with a high load anchor
  • Tools provided for installation
  • Can be installed on sloping ground up to 30 degrees without requiring alterations on site
  • Assembled on site
  • Galvanized to British Standard EN ISO 1461 – 2009
  • Powder coated in range of RAL colours

Can be fitted with the flowing toppings:

  • Barbed wire
  • Razor wire
  • Electrified fence 
  • PIDs and PIDs systems




Barkers’ palisade is a hugely popular, versatile and reliable fencing system. It addresses a wide range of perimeter security needs, from general purpose demarcation to the highest security, rigorously tested fencing. Our palisade is available in various specifications and is particularly well-suited to the rail industry. 

Its imposing appearance makes for an effective visual deterrent, while spiked tops, minimal foot holes and cutting-resistant solid steel vertical pales ensure excellent protection against unauthorised access, vandalism and attack. Additional security options such as triple spiked tops, razor wire coils, barbed wire and rotating spikes can further reinforce your boundary.

Palisade is the ideal solution for section of the track in need of a strong, durable perimeter. Powder coating in an array of colours means that this product can be matched to corporate and brand identities or customised to assimilate with surrounding environments.

Barkers hot dip galvanize our palisade products to protect the steel from the elements, rust and other deterioration, guaranteeing an exceptionally long lifespan.

Unlike several alternatives, Barkers palisade fencing systems cope with sloping ground up to 25-degree angles without cutting down bays or making modifications. It is also flexible to most budgets and manufactured to BS 1722, 12 and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Palisade pales come in ‘D’ or ‘W’ profiles
  • ‘W’ pale can be 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
  • ‘D’ pale can be 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm thick
  • Pale tops can be single, triple pointed, round and notched or rounded only
  • For added security, pales can be welded in place instead of using fixings
  • Can add razor wire coils, razor wire tape, barbed wire and rotating spikes
  • Available with welded, slotted, or loose fishplates that can be concreted-in/base plated for bolting down
  • Posts can be vertically extended to take barbed or razor wire
  • Posts can be prepared to be customised with electric security fencing
  • NR/L2/TRK/5100/1/WP 2015 rev A Palisade

Mid Platform Safety Railing

Mid platform safety railings and gates are low security, general-purpose demarcation suited to station platforms with passing high-speed trains. Barkers’ mid platform safety railing systems are used by Network Rail and its operators across the UK to make stations safer places.

Featuring a single lace bow top or vertical bar, available in heights up to 1.5m and manufactured from rigid and durable materials, mid platform safety railings effectively discourage the public from approaching tracks and reduce accessibility to high-speed platforms.

They form a physical platform barrier which prevents movement between lines serving stopping trains, and adjacent lines serving non-stop, high speed trains. Rail operators choose this product to reduce the chances of people in distress from accessing tracks serving high speed trains, and to protect the public from accidentally getting too close to dangerous tracks.

Securely lockable manual sliding gates are available to help operators to maximise station capacity during peak times.

This railing system is secured in concrete or base plated to surface mounting, and comes with heavy duty welded steel caps, to ensure resiliency and resistance against vandalism and cutting.

Key Features:

  • Delivers low security
  • Available in heights up to 1.5m
  • Sliding gates available for maximising area capacity
  • Attractive, classic single lace bow top or vertical bar, ideal for public environments
  • Secure in concrete or base plated to surface mounting, event between platforms
  • Heavy duty welded steel caps for resistance against antisocial behaviour
  • Can be tailored to your requirements


PedestrianGuard is a specialist roadside railing system designed to protect pedestrians at designated crossings and surrounding fast-moving or busy transport networks. This economical, functional and heavy-duty product is the most cost-effective way to protect public safety and separate pedestrian traffic from road going vehicles.

The PedestrianGuard is available in 1m height and made from robust welded panels in a tried-and-tested hurdle profile. Depending on your visibility requirements, infill layouts can be staggered to one of four patterns.

Key Features:

  • Specialist product to protect pedestrians
  • Cost effective and heavy duty
  • 1m in height
  • Multiple visibility options available


FastGuard mesh is Barkers’ expanded metal boundary fencing system. Its variety of options make it ideal for applications where a strong boundary is required, such as the rail way. With flexibility, compliance and stringent safety measures in mind, we manufacture the FastGuard to meet Network Rail’s regulatory requirements.  

FastGuard’s mesh panels are formed from a single piece of steel to ensure inherent strength and the eradication of weak points. This method guarantees optimum strength and maximum performance, even in demanding environments.

Several patterns are available, so mesh can be matched to what’s most appropriate for the surrounding area. The FastGuard also better follows the contour of the land than more rigid alternatives, so is the perfect solution for unforgiving terrain.

Key Features:

  • Mesh panel is expanded from a single piece of steel
  • No welding, creating a continuous panel
  • Follows the contour of the land better than traditional rigid panel mesh
  • Available in several mesh patterns, including 1697 and 990
  • Available to Network Rail specifications
  • Conforms to the British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016

Acoustic Barrier Posts

Barkers manufacture noise barrier posts, alternatively known as acoustic barrier posts, to effectively alleviate unwanted noise arising from roads and railway lines. There is a particular demand for this solution in residential areas near to transport infrastructure, where excessive noise would cause disturbance.

With business and industry under increasing pressure to better assimilate with and take account of its surrounding communities, noise barrier posts serve as a valuable tool for improving reputation whilst making longer or unsociable operating hours possible.

Our highly controlled and skilled production processes ensure that Barkers noise barrier posts are CE marked. This makes them suitable for public highways projects that aim to reduce noise pollution and improve the quality of life for those residing in close proximity to roads.

We manufacture to match all types of reflective or absorptive acoustic panels, whether timber or composite material. A wide range of steel sections and fitment options are also available to suit heights of up to 6m.

Key Features:

  • 1.8m up to 6.0m or manufactured to your exact requirements.
  • Stopper plates, holes, welded and loose cleats
  • All sections of IPE, RSJ, UC, UB and RHS available.
  • Posts can be cranked, baseplated, wall fixed or concrete-in.
  • Posts manufactured to fit all reflective or absorptive panel systems
  • Can be CE Marked upon request