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Aqua, Belmont House, Garnett Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9UB
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Aqua has 3 products.

Permanent Way Drainage Systems

AQUA manufacture an extensive range of railway drainage and permanent way drainage products based around our four types of of railway drainage pipes each of which have been designed specifically for permanent-way drainage applications.

These pipes, each designed for a particular problem, will achieve a sound, well drained formation irrespective of selected rail or sleepers.

  • TDK 'Reinforced Wall' Pipe
  • TDE 'Heavy Duty' Track Crossing Pipe
  • TDX 'Large Bore ‘Extreme Duty’ Pipe
  • TDS ‘Helical Wound’ Steel Pipe

Geotextiles & Geocomposite Drainage Systems

Since 1989 Aqua Geocomposites have been supplying geomembrane separators and geotextiles to the UK railway industry for installation in problem formations.

In conjunction with our sister company Aqua Signal & Telegraphic Systems Ltd. who manufacture Permanent-Way drainage systems, we are able to offer the UK's first fully integrated ground stabilisation and drainage system for all rail applications. This integrated railway drainage solution includes Aqua TDK track drainage pipe and Aqua Terratex 4050 separator and filtration geotextile (our high performance rugged membrane), which has been proven in independant testing, to be more effective than the competing Terram PW1 product.

Railway Cable Management Systems

AQUA® Signal & Telegraphic Systems and AQUA® Geocomposites are both Link-Up approved, UKAS Accredited and FORS registered and have been manufacturing and supplying industry leading Drainage Materials, Cable Management Systems and Geotextiles to the UK and foreign rail industries for over 30 years. All of our core products are Network Rail approved and we are constantly developing and evolving our product lines to best suit the fast paced and ever-changing world of railway construction.