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Providing Battery Standby Power Cost-Effectively


At PB Design we pride ourselves in being able to supply a tailored engineering solution for our power generation customers worldwide rather than just a catalogue item.This means we provide systems that meet a specific set of application conditions. Why not take advantage of the expertise that exists within PB Design? Just provide details of the standing loads and location/room layout which will enable us to design the optimum battery layout to provide safe and easy maintenance in the future.

Routine maintenance is essential for all standby power equipment. Unexpected failure of any system can be very expensive! And no system will provide reliable operation without maintenance –even so called‘ maintenance free’ batteries which do not require electrolyte to be replenished still require regular maintenance for maximum life expectancy and to high light possible premature failure.

We believe that reliability is a process rather than just the purchase of a product and requires the client to work with the manufacturer to offer a total package from conception of design to manufacture,installation/commissioning, on-going maintenance and ultimately disposal/recycling.

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