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Bender UK – A Demonstration ‘Centre Of Excellence’


Bender UK customers can get hands-on experience ofBender technology in new state-of-the-art demonstration facilities built at Bender UK in Ulverston, Cumbria.

A full-scale operating theatre showcases Bender’s range of theatre and clinical technology. It is connected to a replica plant room fitted with Medical IT Power Systems(IPS), ATICS™ automatic changeover technology for increased electrical resilience, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) used extensively in ‘group 2’ medical locations to protect patients and staff in critical area from the loss of power and theatre shut-down.

Industrial electrical safety technology including Bender residual current monitoring and power quality is also installed into the facility. It monitors the integrity of the electrical infrastructure and demonstrate show cloud-based reporting software Powerscout is utilised by operations teams to obtain real time building information.

The Demonstration Theatre
The theatre is equipped with Merivaara Q-Flow theatre lights with HD cameras installed and the new range of clinical pendants delivering safe power, medical gases and data to the patient area. All theatre functions including lighting, audio, temperature and humidity are controlled by aBender hygienic touch screen theatre control with 42”PACS screen. Also installed are new vertical and horizon al aluminium bedhead trunking with group 2 blue electrical sockets, AV and video routing system from Jones AV and multiple Barco monitors.

The Demonstration Theatre Plant Room
Connected to the theatre is a fully operational model ofBender critical care power technology. It contains a wall mounted dual medical IT power (IPS) system feeding the blue theatre sockets. Two single phase 230V AC supplies feed the panel; one from the UPS in the plant room, and the second from mains supply within the plant room distribution board.

One channel from the IPS contains original Bender monitoring devices to visitors to be trained on previous generation systems. Channel two features Bender components including ATICS™ changeover technology.The installation enables more effective engineer and client training and shows visitors the benefits of a theatre set up and alarm simulation.

Bender UK Managing Director Gareth Brunton explains:“Our investment in this new demonstration area means that for the first time we can invite health trust decision-makers to Ulverston to showcase our full turnkey package and see the latest technology and equipment in operation. We also use the facility to train and develop our own staff to continue delivering great service across the healthcare sector”.

Residual Current and Power quality monitoring
Bender UK has also designed residual current and power monitoring technology into the electrical infrastructure of the building. This installation enables management to monitor the office and warehouse facility for developing electrical faults and power/energy consumption,which in turn can be demonstrated ‘live’ to customer to showcase the benefits of considering the technology in their own facilities.

Reduced costs of maintenance
Bender residual current monitoring provides an “effective regime of continuous monitoring and maintenance” required in BS7671: 2018 wiring regulations which can negate the need to switch off and test to carry out periodic inspection and testing.

Mr Brunton adds: “Five-year shutdowns are costly and intrusive and can be difficult to implement in 24/7operations, not to mention the risk of issues when the system is switched returned to service. At Bender UK an unplanned shutdown is simply an inconvenience, but in a critical environment it could lead to shut down of critical care facilities and shut-down of plant resulting in loss of production out-put. Our customers are increasingly recognising the significant benefits that can be achieved by installing Bender RCM technology to monitor hospitals,facilities, plant and processes”.

Bender UK recognises the significance of being able to offer clients live demonstrations of technologies. The continued investment in the facility reinforces Bender UK’s position as a leader in electrical safety technology.

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