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Munters Ltd

Munters Ltd is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions.

To optimise your mechanical equipment, you need to create the right environment. High humidity causes condensation, corrosion and rust, which in a power plant or wind turbine, causes problems with gas turbines power performance, pumps, switchgears and electronics operations. This could lead to start up failures after maintenance outages, with fines for non-delivery.

Munters Ltd equipment ensures that power plants and wind turbines are protected from corrosion and stay in perfect condition - all this for a fraction of the cost of a new plant or equipment.

Also fouling of power plant systems due to dust ingress, liquid or salt air can be reduced with Munters mist elimination techniques.

Munters Ltd technology has been successfully used in over 320,000 installations worldwide.

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Discover What Munters Can Do For Your Power Station

Just one of the many benefits of the Munters’ systems is in phase-separation (or isolation) bus-bars. Where dry air circulation is introduced into existing power stations, cleaning intervals have been extended from 3 to 12 years, saving maintenance costs, improving reliability and reducing the risk of flash over.  For power plants in mothballs, dry air provides long term protection for all components, enabling quick start-up and maximising plant availability and profitability.  When decommissioning nuclear power stations, Munters has experience of designing and supplying air quality control solutions in order to protect assets from corrosion during defueling phase.  

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There For Your Power Station At Every Stage Of Its Life Cycle

Munters Air Treatment systems assist in all stages of a power stations' life cycle as follows: 

Operational - protection for spare rotors, switch rooms and bus bars
Quicker start-up from standby – offering reliable and fast production of power from a standby state, generally associated with gas turbines
Mothballing - as above including deep state of preservation for total asset protection (including for temporary shut downs)
Suitable for plants under construction, in operation, on standby and undergoing decommissioning.

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Maintenance Within Power Stations

Gas Turbine Units
Dry air storage of off-load turbine/compressor units is recommended to prevent potentially dangerous embrittling contamination of the highly stressed alloy steel blades and to minimise corrosion of the lower alloy components. Corrosion of the turbine shaft itself can cause some imbalance and corroded blades heat unevenly, which then produces unacceptable vibration especially during normal quick start of gas turbines. The proven remedy is to close the air inlet valve (damper) and admit dry air, which is allowed to exhaust through the hot gas system.

Switch Gear Rooms
The main switch gear rooms in power stations are in normally dry areas, but some which could be vital can become exposed to damp conditions. A failure in operation could result in the renewal of possibly obsolete equipment, or even worse, a failure of a complete turbine. Dehumidification units ensure performance and reliability.

The Solution
In order to provide a controlled environment a Munters desiccant dehumidification system was installed Dehumidification by Munters removes the ambient moisture, eliminating corrosion and humidity-induced electrical and electronic faults. This ensures reliable operation with fewer failures and lower maintenance costs – a key benefit in today’s competitive market – maximises plant availability and profitability.

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Wind Turbine Dehumidification

Wind Turbine Dehumidification from Munters: Continuous operation without condensation and corrosion.
The increasing importance of wind power in the drive for more
sustainable power means land based and offshore area wind farms
are being rapidly developed. The aggressive environment in which
these turbines are sited requires special protection of nacelle
machinery and the tower.
Munters have assisted consultants, engineers and managers
involved in the planning, operation and design of wind turbines to
understand the application of desiccant dry air within the wind
One problem is the special climate required and understanding the
influence of high humidity in the tower and machinery. Natural
ventilation systems provide insufficient protection against
condensation and the subsequent corrosive effects of high
humidity. In offshore wind turbines the problem is exacerbated
due to the necessary closed nature of the turbine subjected to year
round aggressive offshore conditions resulting in condensation
effects. Please download our brochure to read more....

Energy saving Dry Air for Power Stations

At Munters we appreciate the requirement for Power Stations to run effectively and efficiently with assurance of startup, whilst minimising failures. In our experience, many electronic, electrical and mechanical failures can be due to excessive vapour (humidity) in the air surrounding the equipment.
Studies have shown that at a high Relative Humidity typically above 50% RH, rates of corrosion are up to 2000 times greater than at lower humidity values of say less then 50%. At high RH, electrical resistance can dramatically change in cables, wiring harness and insulation. Also at high RH electrical characteristics on printed circuit boards can change due to contact pitting and electrical conductivity of air, could lead to flash over. Please download our brochure to read more...