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METKA is a leading international contractor of fully integrated turn-key power generation projects with complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) scope, active within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our core EPC business is the implementation of gas fired power generation plants, based on state-of-the-art combined cycle gas turbine technology.

METKA’s experience also extends across the full range of thermal and hydro power generation technologies.

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Combined Cycle Power Plants / Turn-Key Plants

As the most efficient of the currently available thermal power generation technologies, gas turbine based combined cycle power plants are the technology of choice for flexible, utility scale power generation. Apart from the high efficiency compared to traditional steam boiler power plants, combined cycle plants offer significant advantages in terms of their relatively low environmental impact, high level of operational flexibility and shorter project implementation times.

METKA’s experience covers both single shaft and multi shaft configurations and a wide range of gas turbine models, including both heavy duty industrial and aero-derivative types. Single shaft configurations, with the gas turbine and steam turbine on the same axis, connected to a single generator, have an advantage in terms of the compact layout. On the other hand, multi shaft configurations may have one or more gas turbine- generators, together with a single steam turbine- generator. 

With experience of numerous combined cycle projects, in a wide range of configurations and generating capacities, METKA has the expertise to provide fully integrated project solutions and reliable long-term plant operation to its clients in the energy sector. 

Co-Generation Power Plants / Combined Heat & Power Plants

For combined heat and power (CHP) applications such as industrial steam production and district heating, combined cycle plants can provide very high overall efficiency, and large environmental benefits. 

Co-generation applications are typically more complex in operation than standard combined cycle plants due to the requirement to support multiple operating modes, such as large variations in process steam requirements, or changing seasonal heating demand. Strong plant integration and thermal cycle design skills are essential to ensure the co-generation plant can reliably support all required operational needs.

METKA has successfully completed a major co-generation plant project for Aluminium of Greece, one of the largest co-generation plants of its kind in Europe. The plant produces electricity for the network and highly reliable steam supply to the adjacent alumina production plant.

Hydro-Electric Power Plants

METKA has a long-standing presence in hydro power, with a wide range of projects completed over several decades. 

The company undertakes complete electromechanical works for hydro power projects on full turn-key basis or in consortium with leading hydro equipment suppliers. It is flexible in meeting customer requirements for hydro power plants, with the capability to undertake projects from small run-of-river hydro up to large pumped storage plants, selecting the most appropriate turbine technology for the particular application.

METKA’s significant experience in this area includes the manufacturing of major parts / complete assemblies for hydro turbines, distributors, spiral casings, spherical valves, etc.

Maintenance Services / Operational Services

Building on its technical and organizational expertise and the significant operational experience acquired on the Mytilineos Group power plants in Greece, METKA offers a complete range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to power plant owners. 

METKA has experience in setting up full scope O&M organizations to ensure safe and efficient operations, and effective management of both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. 

As the overall EPC / O&M contractor for major power plant investments, METKA provides a seamless hand-over from construction to operations.

Mobile Substations

METKA provides complete electrical substation solutions, including both gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and air insulated switchgear (AIS) types, as well as hybrids and mobile substations. Our mobile substation packages are compact, modular designs, typically provided by METKA as part of an overall fast-track, mobile power delivery program, to address critical power shortages or emergency power requirements.  

Our electrical substation solutions cover the range of operating voltages from medium to ultra-high voltage levels, as well as transmission grid supporting technologies such as power regulation or step-down auto-transformers, phase shift transformers, reactor strings, capacitor banks and static VAR compensators. 

We provide advanced substation control and protection which fully meets both customer needs and transmission grid requirements, while ensuring the highest level of system reliability and flexibility. By combining our proven experience and electrical engineering competence with the latest technologies from leading manufacturers, we provide state-of-the-art substation solutions.

Simple Cycle Systems

For peaking duty or fast-track project execution, gas turbine based simple cycle plants are an ideal solution. Both industrial and aero-derivative type gas turbines are widely applied, with the latest generation aero-derivative gas turbines offering efficiencies above 40%. Where appropriate, METKA designs simple cycle plants to facilitate future conversion to combined cycle.

METKA has successfully carried out several projects to provide fast-track simple cycle power generation capacity, with particular experience with aero-derivative type gas turbines.

Solar Power

We aim to apply our specialist industry knowledge in the effort to achieve cost competitiveness of emerging renewable technologies with traditional power generation technologies. Our engineering, construction and project management skills enable the economies of scale needed for utility scale adoption of renewables such as solar.

METKA is active in the solar technology sector, where we participate in concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic projects, from the development stage. In addition METKA is the owner of two operational photovoltaic (PV) plants, total 3.5MW, installed at its manufacturing plants in Greece.

Our technical expertise enables us to effectively support projects at the definition stage in selecting the optimum plant configuration. We apply our proven project execution capabilities to ensure major renewable investments are delivered on-time and on budget. Our experience in executing large conventional power plants is particularly relevant for the push towards widespread commercialization of solar thermal power plants, where a solar field is combined with a conventional steam cycle for power generation.

Hybrid and Off-grid Power Solutions

Through our affiliate METKA IPS, we are able to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing hybrid and off-grid power market, serving the needs of customers around the world with affordable and efficient solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, such as telecoms, mini-grid, and industrial.

Using innovative technology, an advanced R&D approach, and a flexible configuration architecture, METKA IPS supplies cost-effective, clean power to non-electrified regions or undependable grid locations in many parts of the world.

Hybrid energy units support power grids that combine one or more sources of power generation (sun, wind, diesel generators and the grid) with battery storage to provide a reliable level of energy and/or store unused energy in a battery for future use.