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Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd

Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd. operated initially from a 400m² (4000 sq. ft.) premises. The standard product lines were exhaust gas silencers and air intake attenuators for the power generation industry. Within a very short period of time, Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd became a major player in supplying equipment for all the major Diesel engine manufacturers, Generator set builders and Mechanical services installers.

Over a period of time Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd product range has risen to include Exhaust Gas Silencers, Air Intake Silencers, Acoustic Canopies, Acoustic Containers, Boiler blow-down and Steam, Air and Gas vent silencers, Small gas turbine silencers, stand alone Catalytic Converters or combined Catalytic Silencer and Soot filters. In 1994 the company moved a few metres down the road to a 900m² (9000 sq. ft.) premises to cater for the increasing levels of production required by the growing number of world-wide customers.

As Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd progressed it became evident that even this move would not satisfy the increasing requirement for even larger exhaust gas silencers, steam vent silencers and air intake attenuator units the market was demanding.This eventually led to the design and building of a 1600m³ (16,000 sq. ft.) purpose-built manufacturing plant in 1998 to produce the largest types of equipment currently required.

Our development story has continued in much the same vain and in 2013 we moved once more to our current 32,000 sq. ft site in Shepshed (the town in which we started) which has the quality of facilities and potential for growth which should keep us contented for the next few years at least!

Since our establishment, our natural progression and overwhelming support from our existing clients has allowed us to extend our product range over the years to not only include silencers but now a full range of emission control technology, acoustic enclosures, air inlet & extract attenuators, acoustic doors and a wide range of ancillary items to compliment all.

Combine this with our ability to carry out a full turnkey install, anywhere in the World, cements our position as of one of the major players in our industry.

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+44 (0)1509 506792
Units 18-20 Gelders Halls Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire, LE12 9NH
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Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd has 2 products.

Generator Canopies

Generator Canopies from IMS: Generators are large, noisy and potentially dangerous machines and so they demand particular care when it comes to their siting and protection. IMS Ltd. build generator canopies and acoustic canopies that can protect both the machinery and those who work with it from noise, vibration and the risk of fire. Protection from the weather can also be provided as well as security, safe access and ventilation.

Air Intake Silencers

Air Intake Silencers from IMS: When a large diesel or gas powered two/four stroke engine or turbine is used, large quantities of air are drawn into the equipment for combustion purposes. These Air induction systems may be naturally aspirated or use turbo chargers or compressors to increase the air pressure fed into the fuel mixing chambers or cylinders to increase efficiency or performance.

The speed of the air entering the system can create a substantial amount of noise. In addition, the high rotating speed of the turbo charger or compressor, which is directly connected upstream in relation to the intake position, may cause noise to be radiated down the induction pipe and through the intake filter and so out into the atmosphere. This is particularly noticeable on very large rotating induction systems where the noise levels may exceed 120 dB in the higher 2000 to 4000 Hertz frequencies.

IMS can provide various solutions to the problems presented by air induction noise through the use of various forms of annular or rectangular Air Intake Silencers. These can be made in an appropriate size to suit the characteristics of the flow system. The available designs vary from the simple annular ‘clean straight-through’ acoustically packed intake silencers such as the FP type, or designs with a central pod or annular splitters such as the FPC or FPS types. These units can be placed between the engine and the corresponding filtration unit.

Alternatively, in very large applications, we are also able to offer single or multiple framed banked Air Intake Silencer systems or rectangular parallel type splitter units to cater for even the largest air intake flows at very low pressure drops. These can either be positioned before the filter housing system or upstream from it.