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CMI Energy

CMI Energy based in Seraing, Belgium specialises in the design and engineering of heat recovery steam generators and steam generators for gas turbines installed at the exhaust side of the gas turbines. These boilers produce steam for electricity generating plants (combined cycle power plants) or for industry (cogeneration). They are associated with gas turbines of all power ratings (from 25 to 250 MW). The technology used by CMI Energy has continuously matured to respond to a global market that demands ever more power and greater efficiency. Therefore, CMI has diversified its products and technologies to offer its customers a wide range of technical options: natural, forced or assisted circulation, vertical or horizontal configurations.

Today, these solutions are being offered by the Group’s Belgian and US Business Units as well as by three licensees located in China, Korea and India. Thanks to its long-standing experience in the various steam generation technologies, the CMI Group has developed a large business in the boiler maintenance and servicing sector. Historic leader on the Belgian market, the Group has continued its expansion in France and The Netherlands during the last few years. In particular, CMI Energy’s expertise encompasses overhauls, revamping and standards compliance upgrades of every type of boiler (fossil or nuclear fuels as well as heat recovery systems).

Knowledge Parkway 5300, Suite 200,  Erie, Pennsylvania, 16510-4660, USA

Telephone Number
+32 4 330 2373
Avenue Greiner, 1- 4100, SERAING, BELGIUM.
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