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Centa Transmissions

Centa Transmissions is a market leader in the supply of flexible couplings and driveshafts for Diesel-driven power generation.

Experts in connecting the driver to the driven, Centa Transmissions' flexible couplings are designed to overcome drive misalignment and subsequently, eliminate the vibration and noise caused by misalignment.

CENTAFLEX, CENTAMAX and CENTAX coupling ranges are all compatible with power generation and Centa has the capability to provide quiet, vibration-free drives for any Diesel driven application. 

The CENTAFLEX-A and CENTAMAX are ATEX Approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

From initial concept and production through to installation and maintenance, Centa Transmissions is your partner throughout, with dedicated system engineers helping you to ensure that that your entire driveline system is sound, reliable and problem free.

Industries Centa Transmissions work in include Mobile Plant, Renewables, Mining, Military Vehicles and Equipment, Processing, Transport and Utilities. All Centa couplings are manufactured under ISO 9001-2015 and meet international classification standards.

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+44 (0)1274 531034
Centa, Thackley Court,Thackley Old Road, Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD18 1BW
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Factory expansion in Germany benefits Centa Transmissions UK customers

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Solve your diesel engine drive misalignment and vibration problems faster! Customers of the UK’s leading diesel engine drive specialists, Centa Transmissions, can expect to benefit from massive expansion to the manufacturing and warehousing facility at the CENTA Antriebe group headquarters...

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