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Carbon offsetting, here we come


Renewable World partnership with Octopus Energy started when Renewable World Manager Helen Russell switched her energy supply. On receiving a welcome email from Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson (Greg personally welcomes all new customers to Octopus), Helen replied introducing Renewable World. Greg was keen to find out more about our work and discuss how we could work together.

Octopus Energy - A supplier of affordable renewable energy

On a mission to make the eco-friendly choice the easy choice, all Octopus Energy tariffs use 100% green electricity — and they're no more expensive than competitors' non-green tariffs. Even better, switching takes less time than boiling an egg!

This year, the Renewable Energy Association awarded Octopus ‘the company that's done the most in the past year to advance UK renewables’. Octopus Investments, the investment firm backing Octopus Energy, is the UK's largest investor in solar power, responsible for nearly 40% of the nation's large scale solar generation.

There is excellent synergy between Octopus Energy and Renewable World – two organisations working together to create fairer, more sustainable and efficient energy to their customer’s communities.

Since February 2018, Octopus Energy has partnered with us on Renewable World’s Carbon Offsetting Programme. For customers who choose Octopus’ Super Green tariff all carbon emissions created in both the production and the consumption of natural gas are carbon offset. 

The difference between Super Green and Octopus 12M fixed tariff is about the price of a latte (and without the 340g carbon footprint of one) for customers on dual fuel tariffs each month. All Octopus tariffs use 100% electricity from renewable sources. 

The partnership helps bring innovative renewable energy technology to fuel-poor communities worldwide. Octopus’s Super Green customers are supporting amazing projects that make our world a bit greener, helping us tackle poverty through renewable energy, improving incomes, health and education in fuel-poor areas by introducing tech that’s driven by renewable energy.

This has helped support the delivery of clean cooking stoves and important funding to solar microgrids in Nepal, India, China, and eventually East Africa. The result is a cleaner future and environment for families around the world.

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