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How do we include our company?

Click the "include your products" button and select the package you would like to place. Email us with your requirement and we will create your online entry for you. For your entry in the Printed Guide and E-Guide we can create the entry for you based on your online entry or you can supply a print ready entry.

We can normally create your online entry from details on your website and email a link so you can check / make changes. For the printed entry we offer a free design service or you can send artwork you have prepared.

Is there a section for my product range in the Buyers Guide?

Every advertising entry joins an existing product section or creates a new one so you can always appear in the section of your choice.

We already have a website - why use Pegasus Renewable Energy?

Your coverage on the Internet should not be limited to just your own website. The Internet is the medium most used for sourcing products now so it is important to optimise your presence on it. Our specialist buyers guide is a key tool in your web 2.0 strategy.

The YourGuide online Buyers Guide is a very large portal for these selected market sectors worldwide. Because the site is large it is readily found by the Search Engines.

Buyers use it as a main source when looking for new products and services. It reaches people in ways that your own Internet site in isolation can never achieve.

Who receives the Printed Buyer's Guide?

Our database has been built over a 15 year period of successful publication. The Buyers Guide is mailed free-of-charge, but on a strictly controlled basis, to key decision-makers throughout the UK.

We have products in completely
different categories, can we appear in
more than one section?

Yes, special discounts are available for multiple entries in the buyers guide. Many companies pay for a half page entry but appear in two different sections with a quarter page.