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The list below is compiled based on the number of times a product has been viewed in the Pegasus Oil & Gas Directory over the past 30 days.

Entry into the YourGuide directory is free however the number of viewings for a company can be increased in several ways:

1) Enhancing your company record
2) Appearing in more product sections
3) Increasing your ranking in the search results.

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  1. Chucks - Kitagawa

  2. Hoses/Umbilicals

  3. High Temperature Coatings - Carbotherm 551

  4. Lifting & Rigging Equipment

  5. Positive Displacement Pumps

  6. Testing & Inspection Services

  7. Compressors/Overboard Chutes

  8. Beacon Innovation Centre

  9. Air Compressors

  10. OE Cable Ladder System

  11. ACE Spooling Winches and Reels

  12. Darcor Castors & Wheels

  13. Mubea Disc Springs

  14. Powered Umbilical Reels

  15. Drilling Rigs

  16. Hydraulic Power Packs

  17. Centrifugal Pumps