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Hi-Force is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools. Catering to a wide variety of industries, the product range comprises of over 2,000 products including hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, torque tools, bolt tensioners, hydrotest pumps, puller kits, crimpers and cutters, nut splitters, flange spreaders, ToughLift jacking systems and other industry related hydraulic tools.

In addition to supply of high quality products, Hi-Force also offers first class on-site service packages, including short and long term Hi-Force tool rental agreements.

Hi-Force’s network of regional offices extends to Azerbaijan, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and three locations in the UAE, each with significant stock holding and after sales service facilities including service, repair, calibration and testing.

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Hi-Force has 12 products.


The extensive range of hydraulic cylinders includes models with single or double acting operation, steel or aluminium construction, hollow piston centre hole and mechanical failsafe lock ring designs. All models are 700 bar maximum working pressure and capacities range from 4.5 tonnes to 1012 tonnes, with special design cylinders also available on request.

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The hydraulic pumps range comprises of manual, battery, electric, air and petrol engine driven options, all suitable for use at pressures up to 700 bar maximum. Both the manual and the powered pump options are available in either single or two stage output flow rates and the extensive range and choice of models available, ensures that the user can select the best Hi-Force pump for the application.

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Torque Tools

The range of torque tools includes manual, air and hydraulically driven tools, available in a wide variety of accurate and controlled, torque output capacities. The range offers a choice of tool options, suitable for use in almost every bolt torque tightening, or loosening application, that are regularly required in many industrial applications worldwide. From basic, manually operated, calibrated, hand torque wrenches through to the latest generation of high output torque, hydraulic wrenches, Hi-Force torque tools are recognised as a leading brand within the global market for bolting tools.

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Bolt Tensioners

Hi-Force offers a range of hydraulic bolt tensioners for topside and sub-sea applications, operating at maximum pressures of 1500 Bar (21,750 PSI). Available with imperial bolt sizes of 3/4” to 4” and metric bolt sizes of M16 to M100, the STS topside, SBT spring return and STU sub-sea tensioner ranges are designed to provide the most consistent and accurate method of applying tension to bolted connections in a wide variety of applications.

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Nut Splitters

The Hi-Force range of hydraulic nut splitters provide the perfect answer for removal of worn, damaged or corroded fasteners. Manufactured from high quality steel, the models feature a single acting or double acting design and are suitable for use on hexagon nut AF sizes from 17 to 136mm.

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Flange Spreaders

Hi-Force flange spreaders offer mechanical and hydraulic spreader options and provide the ideal solution for safely opening flanges in the marine and oil & gas industries. The hydraulic flange spreaders are available as a single spreader complete with pump and accessories or as a twin spreader arrangement which enables the operator to achieve parallel flange separation all around the joint.

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Hydrotest Pumps

The hydrostatic pressure testing pump range from Hi-Force comprises manually operated and air driven models that are suitable for pressure testing applications such as hydro-testing of pipes, pressure vessels, valves and other pressure retaining equipment, prior to commissioning.

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Hi-Force hydraulic jacks offer a wide choice of lifting capacities, closed and extended heights, material construction and design. From a basic, low cost range of steel bottle jacks, to self-contained aluminium and remote pump operated, steel toe lift jacks and compact low height jacks for confined space applications, the Hi-Force hydraulic jack range offers the user a wide choice of options, to suit every application.

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ToughLift - Jacking System

The Hi-Force ToughLift Jacking System offers users the easiest and safest method of lifting heavy plant and construction vehicles, in the mining and construction and locomotives in the railway industry, when critical maintenance and breakdown repair work is required. Suitable for lifting, even the largest vehicles, currently in production around the world, the Hi-Force ToughLift is available in 50, 100, 150 & 200 tonne lifting capacities.

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Crimping Tools

The hydraulic cable crimping tools are designed and manufactured for crimping un-insulated compression and mechanical connectors, in copper and aluminium, to a wide range of electrical power cables including distribution and transmission lines. Offering a choice of self-contained operation with inbuilt manually operated hydraulic pump mechanism, separate remote operation crimping head for use with a separate hydraulic pump and hose assembly, or battery operated which offers all the versatility of our self-contained and manually operated tools but, with the added stage and ease of use associated with a battery powered tool.

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