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Ace Winches

ACE Winches are a global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of all lifting, pulling and deploying solutions and the provision of associated hire personnel for the oil and gas, marine, decommissioning and civil engineering and renewable energy markets. 

By developing partnerships with our clients, we can manage the total project solution from concept design through to manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning, operation, training and ongoing client support. 

ACE Winches deliver products and services to over 50 countries across all continents and continue to lead industry standards for quality and reliability. 

Our Norwegian base in Stavanger, ACE Winches Norge AS, offers bespoke winching solutions, hire equipment, personnel, refurbishment services and training across the Scandinavian markets. 

We also have representation in France, India, Canada, Indonesia and Egypt. 

ACE Winches have a dedicated focus on exceeding clients’ expectations and maintaining an excellent record of safety, quality and reliability. 

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Case Studies

Ace Winches has 7 products.

Shore Pulling Operation for the Barzan Pipeline Project, Qatar

We provided a linear winch solution which was used for the pull in of two 34” gas export pipelines to inlet gas reception facilities. 

Along with the linear winch, we provided spooling winches, a horizontal roller to minimise the angle between the incoming pulling wire and the linear winch, and a back anchor to transfer the pull force into the soil. Our experienced and skilled personnel were supplied to install and operate the equipment, and to assist during wire lay operations as required.

The solution we provided for the Barzan pipeline project, meant the client could maximise efficiency using our linear winch whilst maintaining a high level of safety, leading to a reduction in cost. Our unique linear winch can provide a continuous pull, eliminating operational stoppage and therefore condensing the time taken for the pipe pull, and a reduction in human interaction with the equipment decreases risk. 

The project, located in Qatar, included installation of a pipeline to deliver sour gas from three offshore well sites with unmanned wellhead platforms to an onshore Gas Plan. 

Mark Strachan, Project Engineer at ACE Winches, commented: “The client presented us with the challenge of a short lead-in time for this project, however as we had equipment located in the Middle East we could quickly provide the solution they required, providing flexibility and support for our client.”

ACE supply float up winch spread for assistance of the world’s longest suspension bridge

We supported the float out of caissons for assistance in the construction of the 1915 Canakkale bridge. This involved two phases, the dry dock phase and the wet dock phase. We supplied 15 Drum Winches from our rental fleet for the operation, as well as associated equipment such as HPU and spooling gear.   

The Çanakkale 1915 is a 3.7km suspension bridge being built over the Dardanelles Strait in the Çanakkale province of Turkey. Located at the western end of the Marmara Sea. The new bridge is expected to improve the transportation network in the country and promote socio-economic growth and tourism.

The steel suspension bridge will have three lanes in both direction and the main span of the bridge will be 2,023m. The Gallipoli approach viaduct will be 900m-long and the Lapseki approach viaduct will be 650m-long.

ACE Winches Delivers World Leading Riser Installation Solution

A challenging new design for us, the client required a significantly smaller riser pull-in equipment package than the traditional model to be incorporated into their existing framework on the main deck level on the Lucius spar platform.

With limited deck space and extreme operating depths, the linear winch also needed to have the capability of delivering 550te vertical force. By creating industry-leading innovation through our engineering expertise, we delivered this world leading product on time and within budget.

We provided our client with a solution offering a higher-line pull-to-weight ratio than conventional winches and equipped with a continuous pull feature allowing for a reduction in operational time while maintaining high levels of safety and delivering project success.

We are the first company to develop a product of this kind, providing safe, operational cost savings for the Buckskin deep-water development.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Alfie Cheyne, said: “The limited deck space presented us with a challenge, but we overcame it with an innovative design delivering a high quality, safe and cost-effective SCR solution, helping our clients reduce cost and improve safety and efficiency; important factors in today’s industry climate.”

“With over 25 years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing lifting, pulling and deploying equipment, we were able to deliver the exact solution to the project.  A recent £5 million capital investment programme in linear winches for our fleet offers client solutions for shore approach, beach pulling and SURF riser installation applications.”

Committed to innovation, our engineers actively challenge the industry norms. Our expertise and experience across many sectors means we are capable of delivering high quality projects and innovative designs to suit client needs on a global basis.

Riser Pull-In Winch Survey, Service and Recommission On-Board the Snorre B Platform

We recently won a contract to survey, service and recommission the Riser Pull-in Winch onboard the Snorre B Platform.

We deployed a Technical Specialist to survey the winch, and Hydraulic and Electrical Technicians to troubleshoot and operate the winch for further inspection work. Our Hydraulic and Mechanical Technicians then stripped the main drive components off the winch for servicing, which was completed offshore.

Our Engineering Team designed and planned a bespoke spooling system that integrates in the offshore setup. We also provided offshore technicians and operators to rebuild the winch and  the spooling equipment rented from us.

Currently, our ACE Hire Personnel division have 12 operators in 2/4 shift rotation operating the riser pull in system on the rig.

The Snorre development is in the Tampen area of the Norwegian North Sea and has been producing oil and gas since 1992. It encompasses two platforms: A and B. Oil from platform B is piped for 45km to Statfjord where it is stored and then exported.

ACE 500te Reel Drive System for Prelude FLNG Project

We secured a spooling contract for the Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) project.

We were required to spool 4400m of umbilical, with a diameter of 229mm on to a 12.2m reel.

Before operations commenced, we supplied ten qualified commissioning engineers and technicians to assemble the 500te reel drive system on the quayside. With a further six operating technicians providing a 24 hour service to complete the first phase of spooling.

The 500te RDS consisted of two towers that disassemble into eight modules for easy transportation. The towers use a slave and master configuration, with two gear boxes in each drive hub.

ACE 550te Linear Winch Package for Tuxpan Pipeline Project

Our 550te Linear Winch package performed the pull-out of a bundled pipeline, which was assembled onshore. It fed into the shore crossing tunnel, as the bundle is pulled from an offshore vessel - Quanta Iroquois.

The length of the shore crossing tunnel was 2,225m from the onshore entry point to the offshore exit pit. For the bundle pull-out, an additional 300m of onshore entry ramp pipe and 500m of bundle was pulled free of the end of the tunnel. In total, the overall pull-out was approximately 3,025m.

The package consisted of a 550te SWL safe area hydraulic linear winch, a 220kW safe area open loop diesel HPU and 2 100te SWL safe area diesel spooling winches.

ACE Winches secures contract for a 500te Reel Drive System to Oceaneering

The 500te RDS was designed and manufactured at ACE Winches facilities. The product range includes a 200te and a 400te RDS  which were developed for high tension spooling and have been used in the deployment and recovery of subsea products such as umbilicals, risers and flow lines, flexible pipelines, power cables, telecommunication cables, tubing, wire ropes and mooring lines. 

The patent pending 500te RDS consists of two towers that disassemble into eight modules for easy transportation. The towers use a slave and master configuration, with two gear boxes in each drive hub.

Alfie Cheyne, CEO, ACE Winches commented: “As our clients projects venture to even greater water depths, we have to develop specialised deck machinery to pre-empt these environmental challenges.”

The scope of work for the Oceaneering contract included the spooling 4400m of umbilical cable with a diameter of 229mm onto a 12.2m reel. The weight of the umbilical is the heaviest Oceaneering has ever spooled with a total weight of 426te.

ACE Winches supplied a 500te RDS to meet the client’s specific needs, the RDS was fitted with an added base frame and packers to accommodate the requirement of spooling the 12.2m reel quayside.

Chris Waller, engineering manager, commented: “ACE Winches has invested heavily in the design and manufacture of reel drive systems and we are excited to be expanding our capabilities to allow for 14m maximum flange diameter and a 500te load.”

In addition to the ACE 500te RDS, ACE Winches also supplied 10 commissioning engineers and technicians to assemble and commission the ACE 500te reel drive system, with a further six operating technicians providing a 24 hour service to complete the spooling.