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Here is YourGuide to the leading suppliers of Reflectors / Lights

Barbieri PNK

BARBIERI PNK was established thanks to the creativeness and insight of Mr. Adriano Barbieri who, tired of getting covered up to his neck in grease cleaning bike chains, in 1985 invented the CHAIN CLEANER, a simple and ingenious device that revolutionized the method of cleaning chain. A few years later Mr. Barbieri had an idea and conceived the minipump, that was then inexistent, by optimising the famous POMPITA that gave way to the era of the mini pumps, currently the only ones seen on the bike market.
Over the years Mr. Barbieri's son and daughter, Kalman and Nadia, entered the company who continue the activity adding the sales of various bike accessories to the Italian production of chain cleaners and mini pumps.
Innovation and product specialization are Barbieri's key words. Barbieri keeps on designing and patenting new products like:
- VISIONAIR, a double function pocket pump, that works both manually and with CO2 cartridge, with integrated gauge;
- CARB-ONE and CARB-TWO, carbon fiber mini pumps;
- TORNADO, the new chain cleaner model.

Telephone Number
Via Marzabotto 138/140, Zona ind. Larghe, 40050, Funo di Argelato (BO), Italy
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