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In 1947, the technician Adriaan Mostert was as a passionate camper continuously confronted with tent poles of insufficient quality.

The tent poles available in the market were not only inadequately strong, but also too heavy and too bulky. For this reason he started developing a tent pole himself wich was to comply with the high standards of the modern outdoor sportsman. After sustained and thorough research, during which various materials had to undergo intensive tests, the Original MOSTERT tent pole emerged. Thanks to an aluminium alloy especially developed for this purpose, Adriaan Mostert succeeded in reducing the overall weight to a minimum and achieving the optimum strength. Furthermore he invented the ingenious "Nesting system". This system where all the parts fit into each other, reduced the volume up to 80%. During comparison tests the Original MOSTERT tent pole turned out to be the only tent poles capable of withstanding a storm of 12 Bft. In the wind-tunnel.

The product immediately turned out a great success. Major tent manufacturers all over the world decide to modify their specifications and supply Original MOSTERT tent poles as a standard from that point of time onwards.

In keeping with Original MOSTERT´s tradition of skill and care for the product, ALLDEK TREKKING now offers a wide range of high-quality tent poles an accessories:

· dome poles
· aluminium dome poles in DIY kits
· nesting poles
· A-poles
· Tent pegs and tent pens
· Folding windscreens and candle lanterns
· Emergency sleeves
· Specials

For more information please visit our website.

Telephone Number
Tel.: +31 725340545
De Wagenmaker 18, 1851 PX, Heiloo, The Netherlands
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Barbieri PNK

BARBIERI PNK was established thanks to the creativeness and insight of Mr. Adriano Barbieri who, tired of getting covered up to his neck in grease cleaning bike chains, in 1985 invented the CHAIN CLEANER, a simple and ingenious device that revolutionized the method of cleaning chain. A few years later Mr. Barbieri had an idea and conceived the minipump, that was then inexistent, by optimising the famous POMPITA that gave way to the era of the mini pumps, currently the only ones seen on the bike market.
Over the years Mr. Barbieri's son and daughter, Kalman and Nadia, entered the company who continue the activity adding the sales of various bike accessories to the Italian production of chain cleaners and mini pumps.
Innovation and product specialization are Barbieri's key words. Barbieri keeps on designing and patenting new products like:
- VISIONAIR, a double function pocket pump, that works both manually and with CO2 cartridge, with integrated gauge;
- CARB-ONE and CARB-TWO, carbon fiber mini pumps;
- TORNADO, the new chain cleaner model.

Telephone Number
Via Marzabotto 138/140, Zona ind. Larghe, 40050, Funo di Argelato (BO), Italy
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IBEX Sportartikel GmbH

IBEX Sportartikel GmbH was established in May 2003 in order to distribute, develop and promote KOHLA Tirol branded products. The brand itself was established in Innsbruck in 1932. Our gear is developed by mountain pro's, we guarantee highest quality, without compromises. Our poles with the unique locking system KKS, the skins and the backpacks are made to satisfy even the most specific and hardest demands of anybody out there.

Sales Contact
Riccardo Lorefice
Telephone Number
+43 512 33 5 10
Hans-Maier Straße 2, A 6020, Innsbruck, Austria
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In 1982, Hartmut Ortlieb founded today’s ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH in Nürnberg. In 1997 the firm relocated to the franconian town of Heilsbronn, not far from Nuremberg. In 2007, ORTLIEB has celebrated its 25th anniversary.
The first products were made in pure personal need for waterproof equipment – it wasn’t available at the time!

ORTLIEB’s first products were created in a backyard garage in preparation of his first long bicycle and climbing tours: they were hand-made on his mother’s sewing machine: dry bags and bicycle panniers made of truck tarps. What started very simple has developed into a leading high tech enterprise with 100 employees.

ORTLIEB’s collection has grown to include over 300 individual products. Even today, everything is located under one roof: from development to engineering, production, sales and marketing, and shipment.

ORTLIEB products are characterized by tightly sealed closure systems: for example roll closures, waterproof zippers, velcro, or sliding seal closures. Many of the design features are patented and serve as the benchmark in the bike and outdoor market.

Telephone Number
+49 (0)9872-800-0
Rainstrasse 6, D-91560, Heilsbronn, Germany Rainstrasse 6 D-91560 Heilsbronn Germany
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In 1999, we started with a devoted mind that " we will make the world's best backpack", which is both durable and practical". During all the past five years, we have made every endeavor, in agony, to improve and develop our brand backpack with philosophy as intended in the beginning while developing the Alpine series suitable for high mountain climbing, the Adventure series suitable for remote area or polar adventure, and the A.S.B. (Air Stream Back panel) series which have ventilation on back panel.

Soul Yang, chungu, SinWol 1Dong 130-6, Korea
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