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Rolawn Medallion® Turf

Rolawn Medallion® Turf is a multi-purpose, high quality turf. Medallion® is specially cultivated to produce a lawn with an outstanding, fine leafed appearance that is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain and drought tolerant.

Medallion® looks outstanding on the day it is laid and with the correct care and maintenance will keep its appearance for years to come. Light and easy to lay it establishes itself rapidly, making it the first choice of professional landscapers. It is ideal where a high quality appearance, strength and low maintenance are important. Available throughout the year and can be laid at any time except in frosty weather but must be rolled out immediately in spring/summer and within 24 hours of delivery in the autumn/winter.

Rolawn make strenuous efforts to minimise the existence of Annual Meadow Grass within its turf, however under certain circumstances a minimal content may be present.

Typical dimensions, when harvested - 1m2 = 610mm width x 1640mm length x 12.5mm height (24" x 64.5" x 0.5").

Approximate roll weight - 15kg.


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