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Percussion Play

Percussion Play is a family-run UK business who design and manufacture engaging outdoor musical instruments for all ages and abilities to explore - bringing the joy of playing percussion to the great outdoors. 

From giant floor pianos to rainbow xylophones, from tough urban-style drums to gentle, melodic chimes, all our instruments are specifically designed to withstand challenging outdoor environments.  We have supplied outdoor musical instruments to projects in school playgrounds, parks, activity trails, family attractions, museums, hospitals, elder centres, seaside piers and even a cruise ship.  All our instruments are fully inclusive, accessible and easy to play.  No musical knowledge or skill is required in order to create beautiful sounds and all our instruments are orchestrated to be pleasing to the ear for the players and those listening nearby.

Combining sculpture with music makes our instruments ideal for landscape architects, local authorities, playground and garden designers looking for dynamic, interactive playful items which add energy and soul to outdoor spaces. Integrated with local architecture or landscaping they cross the boundaries of usual play equipment and allow music making possible for any member of the public to enjoy. 

Constructed of durable, easily cared-for materials to avoid the worst effects of the elements, all instruments are designed to avoid costly or long-term maintenance. Where possible we've designed the instruments to be played simply by using your hands. Where beaters are required, we've engineered them as one complete piece, so the ends do not become separated and they're attached using coated stainless-steel cables. Most of the instruments themselves are made from stainless steel or aluminium with high corrosion resistance, making them outdoor musical instruments which stand out in terms of durability and performance. Instruments are available in a variety of fixings from in-ground to surface or wall, all certificated to EN1176 and come with easy to follow installation instructions, plan and 3D drawings.

With representatives in over 60 countries, Percussion Play is the world’s leading outdoor instrument manufacturer who has built their reputation on the excellence of their service and quality of their musical instruments. 

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Case Studies

Percussion Play has 4 products.

World's Largest Pre-School in Singapore

Project: The Early Learning Village located in Lorong Chuan, Singapore is the World’s Largest Pre-school. The 50,000 sq ft campus is a collaboration between the Australian International School (AIS) and the Stamford International School and is purpose built for children aged between 18 months to six years.

Project Team:

  • Cognita - Client
  • Bogle Architects - Design Architects
  • Kompan – Supply Partner
  • Percussion Play - Manufacturer

With a capacity to take 2,100 children, it has more than 100 classrooms over five buildings with ‘play decks’ on the many different levels on which 6 large outdoor play areas are situated all under 75% UV covers. Said to be a “first-of-its-kind Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool,” the mega campus takes up a space equivalent to seven football fields, and is open to all nationalities.

Children in the same year group are housed on separate floors with classrooms clustered in groups of four in order to create small communities within each level, so the children’s experience is similar to a small village school. Each classroom has an adjoined ‘Discovery Space’ tailored to each grade level to ensure small students are kept active both in body and mind at all times.

The children are encouraged to go out onto the play decks anytime they like and the rustic theme of the playgrounds, the warmth of natural wood timbers and bright airy open spaces all provide endless opportunities to learn whilst playing. Special effort has been made to ensure that the campus remains a cosy and intimate place for the children, despite its size. The play decks have been designed to promote play and social interaction outdoors, and immerse them in music, art and play - all the facilities and resources needed to stimulate young minds.

Spread over the ‘play decks’ and play areas are a number of Percussion Play outdoor musical instruments including; 2 Duo Kasindas, 3 Rainbow Sambas, 6 Sansa Rimbas, a Bell Lyre, Babel Drum and Rainbow Cavatina. The outdoor musical instruments are available for the children to play and improvise on during recess, allowing them to discover the fun of music making regardless of their musical ability.

Music features highly in both schools, those children attending the American school receive weekly Suzuki violin lessons and the Australian school runs a music literacy programme known as the Orff approach, which combines music, movement, drama and speech into play-based learning.

The Orff Music Literacy Program

The Orff approach combines music, movement, drama and speech into play-based learning for our Early Years students. This child-centred way of learning treats music as a basic system like language and believes that just as every child can learn language without formal instruction, they can also learn music through a gentle and friendly approach. create a music learning environment that is similar to a child’s world of play, allowing them to feel comfortable learning new instrumental or abstract musical skills without feeling evaluated or judged.

Outdoor Musical Instruments in ‘Garden of Life’

CLIENT:  Egestov Castle, Odense, Denmark

PROJECT: To provide outdoor musical instruments in the new sensory garden at Egestov Castle

DESCRIPTION: Percussion Play’s outdoor musical instruments have now been successfully installed in a brand-new sensory garden within the grounds of Egestov Castle, Odense, Denmark.

Egeskov Castle, famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe, has stood in its beautiful location in Southern Funen for over 460 years.  However, it is the stunning park and its large number of gardens that makes a visit to Egeskov so memorable. 

The gardens are under constant development and the new Garden of Life has only been open to the public this month.  Designed to stimulate the senses, through shapes, plants, colours and scents, taking visitors on a tour of the seasons, the passage of time and through the five senses. The garden ‘rooms’ illustrate the seasons through colour, with different colour schemes in adjoining rooms.  Music is an important element in the ‘Blue Garden’ which represents the sense of hearing, and the Percussion Play Outdoor Musical Instruments have been installed amongst rustling and whispering grasses. 

The instruments installed include a stainless steel tongue drum called a Babel Drum which is played using the finger tips and the surrounding plants are reflected on its surface.  The Harmony is a vertical xylophone with tubular notes played with a small tethered beater and a Cadenza, a small outdoor xylophone with aluminium notes.  Finally, a bespoke set of 26 aluminium chimes have been installed which plays the melody of one of Denmark’s most popular songs "Jeg ved en lærkerede" (I know a larks nest), when struck from left-to-right. This instruments allows everyone, regardless of musical ability, to play this familiar song when walking through and enjoying the garden.

Egeskov has been described as "Denmark's most Beautiful Garden" and in 2012 was awarded the European Garden & Heritage Network Award for ‘Best European Historic Garden’.   

CNN Travel named Egeskov garden as one of ‘12 Fabulous Gardens in the World’.

The Garden of Life is now open.  

Danish Care Home Install Outdoor Musical Instruments

CLIENT: Trollemose Care Centre in Svendborg, Denmark

PROJECT: To create an interactive musical garden for elderly residents, visitors and local children to enjoy together.

The main purpose of the outdoor musical instruments was to prevent loneliness. However, it’s become clear since that the instruments can be used in many other contexts including physical exercise and therapy.

The instruments are strategically placed so that they can be clearly seen from the public path that leads up to the garden, with the intention of attracting neighbours and curious passers-by to the care centre’s garden. “When an outsider comes and starts playing music, the residents also come out and look because they find it interesting and it’s a great opportunity to meet people”

The care centre’s nearest neighbour is Poppellunden nursery and these young neighbours regularly pop in to play on the new outdoor musical instruments. Children from other nurseries in the area do the same. “Something magical happens when the children and older people meet”, she says.

The older people are very keen to help the children. It’s a completely instinctive reaction for them. Because of this, it often mobilises them in ways that they probably don’t realise. 

It’s only been a couple of months since Trollemose Care Centre received the outdoor musical instruments, but they’ve already become a part of the centre’s everyday life and they are frequently used by both outsiders and care centre residents.  Care assistants accompany residents into the garden and use the instruments in rehabilitation work at the care centre.

Percussion Play says “We hope that by sharing the musical instruments with family, friends and visitors, a sense of community pride and ownership will occur amongst the residents. Playing music is a multi-generational and fun experience, and playing music together with family members, other residents or helpers, creates social interactions that can only have a positive impact on mental function, mood and overall well-being.”

Boscombe Pier Musical Trail

Coastal Activity Park, Boscombe

Summer 2014

THE UK’s first multi-purpose coastal activity park opened in Boscombe during the Summer of 2014. Encompassing just over 1km of the beautiful seafront area of Boscombe the Park is home to a range of in-water as well as land based activities. Created for Bournemought Borough Council and operated by the council’s seafront team, in association with the National Coastal Tourism Academy, it’s funded by the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund.

Percussion Play was asked to create a musical trail along Boscombe's beautiful historical pier to entice visitors and create a little fun for both adults and children alike.  

Coastal Activity Park manager David Collier said “Our harsh seafront environment is notoriously unforgiving on metal installations, but six months in the outdoor musical instruments look as good as they did on installation day.  The public reaction to them has been fantastic! From the off, contact with Percussion Play was both friendly and professional and we have seen this continue after sales.”

Visitors have indeed been enjoying the instruments with comments left on Trip Advisor such as “We both love playing on the musical instruments, and love it when we are playing on the beach and paddling in the sea you can hear the chimes from the pier!”

“A lovely new addition to the Boscombe beach area. We particularly love the musical tour”

The trail consists of a number of Percussion Play instruments including a Bell Lyre, Babel Drum, and Harmony Xylophone. However the stand out instrument has to be the bespoke ‘Seaside Chimes’ – 88 aluminium chimes which, when struck in order, will play ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’.