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Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd

Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd have been committed to the development of porous hose watering techniques in many fields of use since 1985.

Starting in the Eighties, Leaky Pipe found an active use within soft fruit, vegetable & flower growing.  This flexible hose making a name for itself in the Commercial Horticulture Industry as a trustworthy irrigator for mid to long-term cropping situations.  

Making it's debut appearence at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 1986, the original product was introduced to the keen ameteur market.   In the Nineties, Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd found itself being used throughout the Landscape Construction and Maintence Industry as a cost-efficient and reliable way to discreetly water Parks & Gardens, Green Roofs, Green Screens, Embankments and large areas of Planters. 

It's design and method simplicity appealed to Designers, Quantity Surveyors and Installers alike.   Quick and easy to apply, plantings were being increasingly successful through lower plant losses and quicker establishment of Soft Landscaping.  

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Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd has 7 products.

Hedge Kit

450metre Hedge Watering Kit of Leaky Pipe and Connectors, Specifically Designed for the Landscape Trade to Reliably Water Hedging, Assure the Best Establishment and Fast Growth.

A 450metre roll of LeakyPipe LP12L porous rubber hose with connectors. This LeakyPipe is specifically manufactured by us to carry water further and water at a low rate, working up to 100metres from the hose connection. Just lay on the soil, see it work, then cover with mulch or hoe into the topsoil. It will last for years. 

This Kit has HoseSnap connectors for fast hook-up to your hose. Also some tees and plugs to allow you some connection options. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors to cut the LeakyPipe and fit it to your hedge planting layout.

Ideal for watering in new hedge planting, ensuring rapid establishment and fast growing-on.

Garden Border Kit

A kit for watering a medium sized garden. 250m of LeakyPipe and a variety of connectors to tailor a system to your own garden watering needs.  You can cut & use some of your own hosepipe with these fittings, or buy additional non-leaking polytube.

LeakyPipe is a porous hose which weeps water along its length. It will irrigate up to 50m as a single length, but here, the connector supplied will allow you to cut your roll appropriately, then connect two lengths of LeakyPipe to run at once.  

A standard household tap pressure can water up to 300m LeakyPipe at once. So you you should be able to make all of this work, "all at once"!     

It is reasonably flexible so you can snake it back and forth to water your borders, beds and shrubs. Arrange as rings or spiral around newly planted trees to aid their establishment. It works most efficiently when covered by a mulch or soil as evaporation is reduced. 

Overall you use less water with LeakyPipe than watering by hand and it will work out-of-sight whilst you enjoy your garden. 

Vegetable Garden Kit

A starter kit containing 100m of LeakyPipe with a high leak rate (LP12UH) and all the connectors you're likely to need to lay out a watering system, specific to your own vegetable patch. Simply cut the LeakyPipe to match the lengths of your rows with secateurs. Contains enough connectors for 15 rows of vegetables, 10 of which can have isolation taps. 

Also includes end plugs and 'tee's' to branch the LeakyPipe. You will need to supply some garden hosepipe or 16mm supply polypipe to act as a non-leaking header pipe, from which the LeakyPipe branches off.

Tap Timers

There's no easier way of getting two areas automatically watered from one water source at such a cheap price.  Simply take the fitting off your tap, exposing the male thread of your tap. Then screw on the Buddy2 timer.  

The two outputs of the timer can be programmed to give you differing watering times.  Just attach your output fitting to those outputs and then run your piping/hose from here to the LeakyPipe, drippers or sprinklers that you've chosen to use.

With a big dial to programme your watering times, this is just about the simplest timer available at a very cheap price. Two good quality alkaline AA batteries will keep this unit running unattended all summer. This timer has 2 outputs, both individually programmable.


  • Simple connection to your tap.
  • 3/4" thread output (suitable for hose snap or compression fittings).
  • Programmable by watering duration, time of day and day of week (eg twice per week)
  • Manual bypass for easy tap use.
  • Rain delay for water conservation.

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Leaky Pipe - How does it fit together?

The only tool you need is a pair of secateurs or sharp scissors!

Leaky Pipe LP12 is connected to a 16-12 barbed connector which pushes into and grips the 16,(1/2")garden hose on the left. Leaky Pipe LP12 can also be tee-ed into hose or 16mm LDPE polytube with a 16-12-16 tee fitting.

Leaky Pipe - Where is it used?

Landscaping - Bedding Borders, Planters and Containers, Hedging, Mature Trees, Steep Embankments 

Horticulture - Flower and Nursery Stock production

Sports Turf - Golf courses, Cricket Pitches etc.

Riding Arenas - Sand and Sand/Rubber Menages