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Ebb & Flow Ltd

Ebb and Flow Ltd has been working with water, for more than 20 years, to improve private and commercial spaces. These projects have included educational (therapeutic) environments for schools, ecological solutions for treating waste water, natural swimming pools and water features.

Ebb and Flow Ltd believe there is great potential for healthy moving water to do something special for people and spaces. It could be to create an uplifting mood, help people engage with nature or themselves, support a healthy ecology for wildlife, animals and people.

By developing a better understanding of water and our relationship with it, we aim to improve people’s lives and their landscapes.

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Ebb & Flow Ltd has 10 products.

The Helena

With a strong harmonious water movement and rounded form, the Helena is designed for garden settings where good effect can be achieved in a smaller space. When several forms are used in cascade the Helena creates a friendly chuckling sound reminiscent of a playful mountain stream.


  • Small version: 400mm long X 400mm wide X 140mm high (13kg)   15-30ltr/min
  • Large version: 600mm long X 600mm wide X 160mm high (35kg)   30-60ltr/min
  • Available in 3 natural cast materials, green  or red granite or light sandstone.

The Ashdown

The play of movement in the Ashdown is suited to a quiet more enclosed space such as a courtyard or small garden. It is especially suitable for medical and therapeutic settings and for primary school play areas. Water wells up gently in the centre of the form, then flows out to perform the figure-of-eight movement in each of the three sets of ‘petals’ before creating an oscillating curtain off a rising lip. The subtle rippling movements spread out over the entire surface of the form.


  • 880mm diameter X 120mm high (85kg)   65ltr/min
  • Available in 3 natural cast materials, green  or red granite or light sandstone.

The Flowstream

A single piece large Flowform that allows water to run in multiple levels. This feature will provide a sweeping rhythmic water movement and sound. Ideal for medium and large scale landscapes. 


  • 1300mm long X 900mm wide X 275mm high
  • Available in 3 natural cast materials, green  or red granite or light sandstone.

Iona Feature

Inspired by Celtic art, with its intriguing three-fold spirals, water flows gently down each channel before leaving in vertical, rhythmical spirals. Especially popular with children, wildlife and pets.

Cast - 705mm dia x 80mm high (28kg):     
Complete with Droplet Pebble Pool
Available in 3 natural cast colours

Ovella Cascade

Water sweeps around each bowl before flowing out in long pulses, like gentle waves breathing on a shore line. ideal for therapeutic settings, play areas or small to medium ponds.

Cast =1010mm x 470mm x 220mm (47kg)

Available in 3 natural cast colours - Requires a reservoir or pond.

Sevenfold Cascade

A magnificent metamorphosis of forms, the Sevenfold creates an evolving sequence of water movements.

From the source it is quick and vigorous, then as it flows at the centre point it becomes more languid and armonious, developing through a double vortex into forward swinging, lively water movements towards the base. It can be used complete or in various part sets.

Large Shamrock

Large Shamrock water feature in a memorial garden next to a childrens play area at Xcel Leisure Centre, Coventry:-


The Sondril

The Sondril cascade creates a playful swinging movement and can be used in any number and in any combinations of small and large.

However the most popular arrangement for sets of three is large, small, large.

This curvaceous form sounds similar to a mountain stream with a series of gentle rhythmical fluctuations. This cascade is well suited for children’s playgrounds and smaller garden settings.


Small form – 410mm x 350mm x 150mm (15kg)
Large form – 520mm x 540mm x 150mm (25kg)
Available in 3 natural cast colours - Requires a reservoir or pond.


Flowstones - Natural Water Play Experience

Allowing cascades of naturally moving water to be created and explored, this set of six sculptured cast stones is ideal for pre-school and reception age children.


Sizes vary, average weight of stones are 2.5kg
Wooden trolley hand crafted in oak
Cast forms available in green and pink granite or off-white stone

Emerson Flowform Cascade

With sweeping rhythmic water movements the Emerson Flowform Cascade has a generous gesture, and gentle uplifting mood.
Cast  in green, red or grey granite or light sandstone.
Dimensions for a cascade of 3 forms: 2700mm x 990mm x 570 mm high.
Flow rate: 50-100 litres / minute.

£1292 inc VAT

Smaller versions also available.