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BSW Timber Group

BSW Timber Group is the largest integrated forestry business in the UK. It is a family-owned business that has four main operating divisions: forestry, sawmilling, timber manufacturing and energy.

The group has seven sawmills in the UK – in Newbridge-on-Wye, Southampton, Carlisle, Dalbeattie, Petersmuir, Fort William and Boat of Garten – and one in Riga, Latvia. The headquarters remain in Earlston, Berwickshire, where the business originated.

BSW Timber Group manufactures and supplies a wide range of quality, FSC®-certified sawn products for an array of industries, including fencing, landscaping, cladding, construction, DIY, decking, and packaging. This covers everything from C16 construction timber to innovative products such as composite decking and acoustic fence panels. The company also offers fencing components – such as posts, rails, and boards – in addition to sleepers, purlins, beams, baulks and large sections (up to 8m long).

Co-products such as sawdust, shavings, chips and bark are also supplied into pulp and paper, chipboard, horticultural and energy generation sectors, while BSW Energy makes use of these sawmill residues – the rest of the log – to manufacture environmentally-friendly wood fuel products.

Having undertaken a £125m investment programme over the last 10 years, BSW Timber Group is committed to supporting sustainable forestry. All the company’s timber is FSC certified – and Chain of Custody certification traces the wood from forest to distribution. This ensures that customers receive timber that is from legal, environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forests.

BSW Timber Group has 1,300 employees and is passionate about creating a sustainable future for British forests and woodlands, and as such the company is a proud member of Grown in Britain. For every tree BSW harvests, a minimum of three are planted in its place, and the group uses 100% of the log it receives.

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Case Studies

BSW Timber Group has 6 products.

Warrior Motorway Fencing: The Forth Replacement Crossing Project

The Forth Replacement Crossing is the largest infrastructure project in Scotland for a generation and BSW are proud to have had the BSW Warrior acoustic barrier chosen as the preferred acoustic panel range by Allison Enterprises Limited, key fencing installers for Scotland’s prestigious Forth Crossing Project.

Since 2014 BSW Warrior acoustic barriers approaching 20km have been supplied by BSW’s Dalbeattie assembly factory in south west Scotland. To give it it’s correct name the new Queensferry Crossing over the Forth Estuary is the centrepiece of the upgrade to Scotland’s key cross-Forth transport corridor. The 2.7km structure is highly innovative from an engineering perspective and will be the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world when complete. A novel design feature with the cables has been used to boost the strength and stiffness of the structure overall, allowing the bridge to feature more slender towers and a much lighter deck. Low noise surfacing is used for the motorway on either side of the bridge as well as running across the structure and because the only expansion joints are at the north and south ends of the structure, this will allow a smoother ride for drivers while the surface is also expected to last considerably longer than that on the existing Forth Road Bridge.

In addition to the new bridge itself a series of new junctions and motorway links are being constructed on either side of the Forth Estuary. The improved link roads form an important part of the new crossing. To the south of the bridge the new motorway runs in a cutting up to 9m deep. A new bund has also been constructed to shield the town of South Queensferry from the traffic noise and this is topped with BSW Warrior acoustic barriers to further reduce disturbance.

Soundshield Acoustic Fencing: panels drown out noise near Edinburgh

BSW Timber’s Soundshield™ panels have been highly commended, having significantly reduced the noise transmission that enters a new build near Edinburgh.

The domestic acoustic fence panel system was erected in Newton, west of Edinburgh, and reduced noise transmission by at least 20dB.

Noise levels at the site, located alongside the A904, sat at around 80-85dB before installation and around 60-65dB after installation.

This is equivalent to the noise levels of a dustbin van being reduced to that of a conversation – and independent laboratory tests showed an even bigger reduction of 22dB.

Scott McAllister, Principal Architect at LSM Architecture in Edinburgh, led the project. He said: “The main reason for choosing the Soundshield™ panels was due to the noise levels from the busy A road adjacent to the site.

“Part of the planning application required us to undertake a noise test, which in turn required us to erect a two-metre-high fence so we could meet council guidelines for amenity.”

He added: “The aesthetics of Soundshield™ also suited the domestic nature of our development.”

Introduced alongside a range of standard, non-acoustic fence panels, Soundshield™ panels are for domestic applications – but the product is a development of BSW’s noise barriers for motorways.

Soundshield™ combines sound damping technology within its core with a robust surface which reduces noise pollution levels from sources such as traffic and neighbours.

Scott said: “The pre-fabricated panels also appealed due to the speed of erection. This is especially important when working near a busy road as the quicker they’re up, the quicker the site is safe and secure.”

Soundshield™ has been independently tested in a laboratory to BSEN1793- 2 (2012) and achieved an average decibel r eduction of 22 dB (DLr). This performance classes the system as a category B2-rated noise barrier in accordance with Highways Agency specifications for motorways.

Timeless Decking: BSW donates decking to city centre play area

BSW Timber was delighted to have donated Timeless decking to the Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle, for its new 'park in the city' play area.

The indoor attraction was the first of its kind for the Lanes - and BSW's decking was a natural addition when it came to choosing materials.

Holly Woodhead, marketing manager at the Lanes Shopping Centre, said: “This summer we decided to build a giant indoor play area. To help support it, we looked to local businesses in the area that could donate, support or even help build our park in the city.

“BSW were the natural choice when it came to sourcing the timber. Decking worked well as it has smooth surfaces which are ideal for play areas. The sizes also enabled us to make it in sections, so we can reuse and resize it to fit other areas and future events in the Lanes.

“BSW were a joy to work with; the were professional, generous and offered a great product. The results are fantastic and we’ve had so many positive responses from the public.”

James Brennan, marketing manager at BSW, said: “Supporting local communities is important to us, especially those close to our sites. So supporting the park in the city project was an ideal opportunity for us to do just that.

“The Lanes were clear with what their plan was and that gave us the confidence that we could help. It’s been amazing to see the play area come together, and the impact it’s had has reinforced what a great project this is.”

Timeless decking timber is classically appealing, versatile and ideal for a range of applications.

Tongue & Groove: Works a treat for studio-cum-café

BSW Timber’s tongue and groove boards have proved to be a hit both indoor and outdoor at the Kiln in Ouseburn, Newcastle. 

Typically a landscaping or agricultural product, tongue and groove was used to create bars, tables, benches and planters at the quirky spot by the Quayside.

A Mediterranean street food café crossed with a contemporary ceramic studio, Kiln sits in an industrial location and lends itself to the aesthetics of timber. 

The café’s co-owner, Geffen Yoeli-Rimmer, said: “We discussed many designs when we were planning the space and ultimately settled on the wood as we felt that it gave a nice balance to the space. 

“The unit is very industrial with metal girders and concrete floors – so having an organic material like timber offsets some of the harshness and gives the room a really nice warmth. 

“We wanted to create a cosy space that people felt comfortable and relaxed in – essentially somewhere you could settle into and hang out in for an afternoon.”

Built from scratch by Geffen and co-owner Richard, who is also her partner, Kiln was partly inspired by their differing heritages and love for food.

The couple fitted everything themselves – from the door at the front to the glass partition at the back and everything in between – and this was described by Geffen as a “long and arduous” process.

Using timber, though, made things easier. Geffen said: “The timber was easy to use. It has a high-quality finish – so when we were building the bar and tables the boards slotted into space well.

“I like the fact it’s an organic product and the finished look is smooth and neat but not too polished.”

She added: “Using the timber to build planters and outdoor seating in our garden has worked particularly well as it makes the garden a coherently beautiful space that matches the interior.

“It has helped to transform what was quite a grubby yard into an oasis of nature in an otherwise busy industrial part of the city!”

Kiln creates tableware for restaurants and uses its café as a live showroom, which forms an exciting multisensory experience for its growing customer base.

The appearance of the timber echoes that of the clay used in the studio in the sense that it’s natural and unique – and Geffen believes this is more interesting on the eye.

“The larch is both contemporary and timeless, making the bar feel modern but also familiar and comforting. This is exactly the effect we hope to achieve with our pots too,” said Geffen.

“I would definitely recommend being creative when it comes to using the timber. Our customers have appreciated the innovation and quirkiness of our aesthetic.

“Deciding to build with timber not only reduced waste but also added another interesting handmade product to our space, emphasising yet again the importance and beauty of craft.”

Larch Cladding transforms Nevis Mountain Range Restaurant

BSW Timber's larch cladding has been used in the construction of a new restaurant at the base of the Nevis Range mountain gondola, near Fort William. The Pinemarten will cater for the diverse demands of the area's growing customer base - including sightseers, skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers.

Located at the foot of Aonach Mor the restaurant replaces a small coffee shop which was more than 20 years old.

Larch cladding from Loch Arkaig was selected to complement the stunning natural surroundings of the restaurant, which commands incredible views of the mountain. In addition, the new restaurant will include laminated wooden beams and a state of the art wood fuel boiler to heat the new building and adjacent offices, helping the Nevis Range to reduce its carbon foot print.

Marian Austin, Nevis Range MD, commented: "This new restaurant is an integral part of our plan to grow and diversify the business. We are delighted to be able to source so much of the project from local businesses. A N Fraser is the main contractor, the boiler is being installed by HWE, and the timber frame is from local larch processed by BSW at Kilmalie sawmill."

Eve Johnson, marketing manager, BSW Timber, said: "The appeal of larch cladding is broad; it's versatile, attractive and the raw materials are grown in the UK. We want people to recognise that quality British larch is an ideal option for a wide array of purposes.

"As a fully sustainable and durable timber, which is FSC certified, larch cladding products come with the assurance that they will be long lasting and maintain their striking look in years to come. The Pinemarten restaurant at Nevis Range is the perfect example of how larch cladding can create a stunning visual effect, while supporting the natural environment and utilises local materials."

Child Care Facility, Dumfries

This new childcare unit on Hardthorn Road, has used Timeless Timber Cladding to enhance the finish of the contemporary, purpose built facility. The design utilised vertical 22x150mm British Larch Cladding boards in a shiplap profile with a coating of Sikkens.

The project comprises the construction of a house and private garden to provide residential childcare accommodation for the local community.