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How do we include our company?

Click here "include your products" and select the package you prefer. For online entries we would recommend paying by credit card, so please call us to arrange your coverage - we will have your entry up and running within the hour. We can normally create your online entry from details on your website and email a link so you can check / make changes..

Is there a section for my product range in the Directory?

Every advertising entry online joins an existing product section or creates a new one so you can always appear in the section of your choice.

We already have a website -
why use YourGuide?

The YourGuide online Directory is a very large portal for these selected market sectors worldwide. Because the site is large it is readily found by the Search Engines.

Buyers use it as a main source when looking for new products and services. It reaches people in ways that your own Internet site in isolation can never achieve.

We have products in completely
different categories, can we appear in
more than one section?

Yes, your online entry can be listed in many different sections relevant to your company.

Who produces YourGuide?

A team you can trust with experience in directory publishing dating back to 1990.