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Here is YourGuide to the leading suppliers of Outdoor Playground Equipment

International Play Company

At International Play Company (Iplayco) we design, manufacture, ship and install Indoor Playground Equipment, Outdoor Playgrounds and Interactive Play Solutions worldwide.  Don’t Know Where to Start?  Our experienced staff can help you do it all, from design to installation.  Receive the highest quality and most creative play structures available in the world when you choose IPLAYCO!  International Play Company equipment is designed and manufactured to meet all North American and International safety standards.

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Sales Contact
Kathleen Kuryliw
Telephone Number
001(604) 607-1111
215-27353 58th Crescent, Langley, BC V4W 3W7 Canada
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Percussion Play Limited

Percussion Play create exciting, outdoor musical instruments for all ages to explore - bringing the joy of playing percussion to the outside world. 

Percussion Play instruments combine sculpture with music and are ideal for landscape architects, local authorities and playground designers looking for dynamic, interactive playful items which add energy and soul to outdoor spaces. Our instruments make people stop, they challenge the individuals who encounter them, whatever their age. Integrated with local architecture or landscaping they cross the boundaries of usual play equipment and allow music making possible for any member of the public to enjoy - making them intriguing, irresistible and fun. 

Constructed of durable, easily cared-for materials to avoid the worst effects of the elements, all instruments are designed to avoid costly or long term maintenance. Where possible we've designed the instruments to be played simply by using your hands. Where beaters are required, we've engineered them as one complete piece so the ends do not become separated and they're attached using coated stainless steel cables. Most of the instruments themselves are made from stainless steel or aluminium with high corrosion resistance, making them outdoor musical instruments which stand out in terms of durability and performance. 

Percussion Play instruments are designed to encourage audience participation in a hands-on way, to provide opportunities for meaningful engagement whilst outdoors.  

So, whether you are looking for an unusual addition for a school playground, sensory garden, local park, large urban park or community area, Percussion Play has a solution to effortlessly bring music to your open space.  

Telephone Number
+44 (0) 1730 235180
The Courtyard, Heath Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4DX
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