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Martin & Vleminckx, the exclusive distributor for The Seasonal Group in United States and Canada

(Martin & Vleminckx - the Rides Companies (MVR))


Martin & Vleminckx, a world leader in the Amusement Park industry, is proud to announce today their agreement as the exclusive distributor for The Seasonal Group in the U.S.A. and Canada. Under this agreement, Martin & Vleminckx will offer innovative animatronic products to the North Amer...

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Semnox Parafait Powers Automation at Sparks Forest Adventure, Indonesia

(Semnox Solutions Private Limited)


Continuing to make inroads into the amusement and leisure industry in the Southeast Asian region, Semnox has added Sparks Forest Adventure, Sukabumi, Indonesia, to its repertoire of satisfied clients. Pegged as a one-stop center for amusement and recreation, the park offers a range of fun activit...

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Decreasing plastic pollution with alluring eco-friendly furniture

(NBB Recycled Furniture)


The need for plastic has increased substantially since the first fully synthetic plastic, Bakelite, was invented in 1907, with figures now showing near to 100million tonnes of plastic being consumed every year. 20,000 plastic drinks bottles are purchased every second and less than 50% of them end...

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Waterplay Releases Two Aquatic Therapy Features Designed for Aquatic Facilities

(Waterplay Solutions Corp.)


Waterplay® Solutions, the world leader in forward-thinking aquatic play solutions, is taking it's Restorative Spray 1 and 2 to the global market. Originally developed several years ago as a custom product for aquatic facility projects looking for a hydrotherapy offering, Waterplay's Restorati...

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House of Air San Antonio Now Open

(Best American Trampoline Parks)


House of Air Trampoline Park recently opened in San Antonio, Texas. Built for guests of all ages and experience levels and designed by Best American Trampolines. The park offers a ninja warrior course, a multi-attraction pit complete with a battle beam and slack line, a trampoline pit that allow...

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