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Denley Hydraulics

Denley Hydraulics has developed an internationally recognised reputation for the delivery of highly imaginative and often ground breaking Electro-Hydraulic Engineering Systems, Products & Services.

Denley Hydraulics comprehensive range of core competencies, is not only the foundation upon which the company has developed its expertise, technically strong and strategically complete customer services capability over the years, but more importantly, the basis upon which these customers have in turn grown to trust, include and rely on the Denley Brand to deliver imaginative, operationally practical and safe, electro-hydraulic engineering solutions.


Denley Hydraulics is a BSI registered Firm (Certificate No – FM 20943), as well as being internationally recognised and approved by many of the world’s leading companies, where its Quality Management System not only controls all design, manufacture and installation operations, it is also in full accordance with ISO 9001: 2000.

Denley Hydraulics ability to focus its renowned expertise, on globally based and industry specific markets, brings a level of commitment and attention to detail, few other companies can deliver, or even sustain in the long term, which is especially important in those operationally sensitive areas of systems safety, hygiene and value.

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Spen Vale Street, Heckmondwicke, WF16 0NQ
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Denley Hydraulics has 6 products.

Denley Bespoke Cylinders

A bespoke cylinder from Denley Hydraulics can be used for various applications from the construction, manufacturing and civil engineering industries. Here at Denley Hydraulics, we design and manufacture industrial hydraulic cylinders to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Our hydraulic cylinders are ideal for any simple or unique industrial application. We consider no project too big or small here at Denley Hydraulics.

As a hydraulic cylinder supplier, we manufacture cushioned and non-cushioned custom hydraulic cylinders which are tailored to your specific industrial applications, delivering a solution to meet your needs, offering the highest quality.

You need one of Denley Hydraulics industrial hydraulic cylinders if you’re looking for a solution that’s flexible and reliable. Although we provide off the shelf hydraulic cylinders, we understand that these don’t always suit every business’ needs, which is why our team of experts engineer bespoke cylinders, to meet your operation requirements!

A bespoke hydraulic cylinder from Denley Hydraulics is suitable for an array of applications, whether it be within the offshore, nuclear or oil and gas industry. Our in-house production facilities enable us to design the best cylinders.

For us, we think of bespoke hydraulic cylinders as a challenge, and without a challenge, we wouldn’t be able to push the boundaries and put our expertise to the test. No matter what you need your industrial hydraulic cylinders for, we are confident that we have the perfect solution, waiting for you!

Denley Test Rigs

Denley’s range of standard and custom built test rigs, each with their own fully integrated control and instrumentation packages, designed for the testing, measurement and certification of complete electro-hydraulic systems and individual components, covering such items as hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders and seals.

Denley Aerospace Test Rigs

Denley’s range of custom built aerospace test rigs, each with their own fully integrated control and instrumentation packages, designed for the testing, measurement and certification of complete electro-hydraulic systems and individual components, covering such items as hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders and seals.

Denley Manifolds

Denley design and manufacture a wide selection of standard and highly specialised manifold blocks, all for an equally diverse range of industries, customers and applications, covering very small, simple units, right up to blocks that weigh in excess of 2 tonnes and incorporate logic valve elements, cartridge valves and sub-plate mounted valves, they are all finished in electro less nickel, epoxy paint, or to customer's own specification.

All subject to Denley's quality management system, design, field and applications expertise, they represent state of the art engineering design and materials, offering an unrivalled reputation for strength, safety, reliability and performance.

Denley Power Units

Denley power units are all designed, manufactured and tested in-house, ensuring that they not only conform to all industry, customer and project specific standards and quality accreditations, but are also built, to reflect safe, environmentally sensitive and ergonomically efficient operating packages, complete with their own individually tailored (PLC and HMI) based control systems.

Ranging from a simple 0.5kW gear pump - 5ltr tank unit, to a fully integrated 500kW axial piston pump - 12,000ltr tank system, including both large and small, bespoke units.

Denley Cylinders

Denley's innovative cylinder design, manufacture and stocking facilities are impressive, they cover an advanced selection of industry standard cylinders, to an imaginative range of project specific cylinders.

Available in cushioned and non-cushioned, single and double acting forms, through rod, telescopic, spring returned and rotary cylinder configurations, all are available for pneumatic, gas and hydraulic oil operating systems.