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Trends in Doors for 2018


We are loving all the interior trends out at the moment for the coming year. We've had a great discussion in the office about what we all think is BIG for this year in doors and design and hope you find this useful.

1. Streamlining

More and more of our clients are looking for doors with less visible detail, ie streamlined details that are hidden and efficient. Rebates are becoming less popular and therefore flush doors and frames, concealed handles and no grooves seems to be a popular choice at the moment.

2. Texture - rich and dark

Velvet is one of the top interior trends at the moment and although we'd love to cover our doors in velvet that's not possible.  We think texture is all the rage in doors too just in a different way. Being able to feel the wood and see that its grainy and warm is definitely very popular. Finishing the door in oil brings out all that texture, and with 80% of our doors being ordered like this it isn't really a surprise that its what is in store for 2018 too.  Dark colours are also in trend with our Fumed Oak a definite favourite for 2018.

3. Smart Doors

Having the ability to control everything from your phone isn't new but is more in demand than ever. Finger print entry, and motorised app controlled locks are all the rage as you don't even need a key - a swipe of your finger does it all for you.

4. Colour

Not matching colours is very popular at the moment so that the door stands out from the windows and garage doors. Bold colour choices are definitely in demand with a move away from grey and black.  With Ultra Violet being the pantone colour of the year, we'd love to see some doors in this colour.

5. Industrial Metal

Metallics are still popular but even more so in an industrial and rough finish so that the surface is far from perfect.  Doors in this finish can be expensive but solve a lot of problems with colour matching and wood maintenance.

6. Pattern

Patterned ceilings and floors are really on trend this year and it seems that doors are following in the same direction. Horizontally and Vertically boarded doors although still being specified aren't as popular as doors with a bit more character and edge like our Quattro, Milano and Wave designs.

7. Ethically Considered Design

Provenance isn't a new concept either but is definitely how a lot of clients are thinking about the products they buy. Where does it come from and what is it doing to the planet? They like to know that the design itself has been considered carefully and produced to be recyclable and from a replanted forest.   All of our timbers are considered like this and we hope this year to become FSC certified.

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