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‘By the Book’ with Grid Bookcases by William Garvey Furniture Makers


We speak with leading British furniture designer and maker, Bill Garvey, Managing Director of William Garvey, to discuss the virtues of bespoke furniture which is able to adapt to any interior space, style and budget.

For this reason, Bill shares his thoughts on how to design by the book and overcome your common struggles with storage: and with the children going back to school, what better time to reclaim every room in your home and get organised!

Wood promotes a healthy mind and home environment, so if you’re looking for a contemporary furniture solution that caters to an ambitious learner then a grid style bookcase is for you. The ultimate in organisational storage, a bespoke grid bookcase is lightweight and modern, providing the perfect framework for storing books and displaying your prized possessions, family photos or figurines.

We all know it can be a challenge to furnish your child’s bedroom, especially as they grow up and require even more storage from the same sized bedroom space. It’s inevitable their room will become piled high with coursework, study books and folders and so a tailor-made grid bookcase arrangement is a great option to organise their belongings and can, if needs be, grow with them. 

Interlocking grid furniture will naturally form a rigid structure that widens support throughout the bookcase for a more stable geometry and even weight distribution. Designed to fit any space, grid bookcases are both versatile and stylish, and can be built independently to complement existing furniture or become a new addition in your home.

 The XL Grid Bookcase is a great example of a bespoke wall-to-wall storage solution: suitable for a large open-plan living kitchen, mezzanine floor or work as an operational room divide that can be accessed from both sides for the height of utility. The XL Grid concept covers an area of 6 metres by 2.7 meters and is made entirely from 12mm thick vertical and horizontal panels in Walnut. Each grid can be delivered to your home in component form which allows for easy assembly on site. There is no glue required, we simply design it so that each grid joint can be accurately and securely interlocked.

If we pretend you’re working with a bare wall that has a centrally placed radiator or window, then don’t worry as we can alter the design of the Grid Bookcase to suit the space. For instance, the bookcase could have an integral radiator cover to ensure a streamline aesthetic where your radiator is beautifully concealed. In the case of a window, then why not have a Grid Bookcase with central cut out to naturally frame your window? We could even design the cut out with a bottom ledge to provide an integrated window sill or extra shelf! 

Demonstrating a much smaller format, the Ten-Grid Bookcase in Walnut is able to be wall-mounted thanks to its lightweight structure and split batten design. The ideal solution if you’re working with limited space, this wall-hung grid storage provides the same characteristics as a larger scale piece but without the footprint. 

Explore true design freedom with a bespoke Grid Bookcase and fill your bare walls with a practical and stylish storage solution that is designed around you and your home: price on application.

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