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Skyline Designs UK

Skyline Designs UK have been supplying customers with designer outdoor furniture for over 35 years.

Skyline Designs established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of luxury outdoor furniture back in 1978 and since then our luxury outdoor furniture has become synonymous with impeccable quality.

From furniture to fabrics, Skyline Designs UK's range of outdoor furniture is the best of its kind, and we guarantee that you will not find the same high level of quality elsewhere.

Every piece of our luxury outdoor furniture is hand made by highly skilled artisans in our Skyline factory, enabling us to create unique products by combining the most innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship. This means that we can make sure that your home, hotel, or commercial property stands out from the rest and truly impresses.

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Skyline Designs UK has 11 products.

Rattan Sofas

Skyline Rattan sofas are intended for use in high-quality settings where attention to detail and premium design matters.

All the pieces in our selection demonstrate an exemplary build quality and are finished in sumptuous fabrics which showcase the beauty of the rattan frame fantastically well.

Whether you have a single property which requires superb outdoor furniture or have a hotel or similar asset which needs multiple pieces, Skyline can fulfil your requirements exceptionally well.

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Rattan Dining Sets

During the summer there is nothing better than enjoying your garden - but of course to get the most out of it you need to make sure that you have the right furniture. However the drawback with most garden sets is that they are made from heavy materials to ensure they resist the elements - making them difficult to move or store. 

Here at Skyline Design we have an extensive stock of fantastic rattan dining sets which are available in a range of designs, ensuring you will have no problem identifying the perfect furniture for your needs.

Rattan furniture is so sturdy thanks to the woven structure, while it is also lightweight making it easy to move and store away during the winter. The rattan furniture we have here at Skyline is just as weather resistant as other more cumbersome pieces, while you'll be helping the environment too, as rattan fibres are fully recyclable.

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Corner Sofa Living

Here at Skyline Design, we offer a quality range of Rattan corner sofas for a range of outdoor areas. We offer a variety of furniture for our customers and known accessories from leading brands, such as: Brafta, Cellular, Florence and Ibiza designs, which fit effortlessly into any outdoor area. 

If you are searching for Ratten outdoor corner sofas, which would fit comfortably into a desired outdoor area..then browse through our full range here


Outdoor spaces are the perfect place to relax, especially on well-designed outdoor furniture. Loungers let you recline in comfort, whether they come with cushions or without. One of the most popular materials for loungers is rattan. This is a material which is extremely durable and can withstand changeable weather and temperature variations without fading or absorbing moisture. From swimming pools to terraces, beaches to back gardens, rattan loungers are a stylish way to chill out. They can come in neutral colours to blend in with nature, or can be chosen in bright, eye-catching shades.

Skyline Design offer rattan loungers in a huge range of styles and colours, all designed to bring any space to life. They offer classic adjustable loungers, glamorous day beds with pull up canopies and even spectacular ribbon loungers that will seat two in an amazing architectural one-piece design. All loungers can safely remain outside for 365 days a year.

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Outdoor Chill Out Furniture

Skyline Design takes great pride in crafting unique outdoor furniture that is both attractive to look at and relaxing to use. The Chillout range of sofa beds and seats is the perfect example of this. The pieces included in this combine innovative style and practical comfort to make them ideal for the outdoor areas of any home, hotel, or other property.

As with all Skyline furniture, Chillout beds and seats are crafted using high quality, weatherproof materials. This includes fibres such as Viro and Ecoline to produce the woven frame and Sunbrella coverings for cushions and mattresses. Choose from styles such as the four-poster Anibal Lounger and Dreamscape beds, the gazebo Tanit bed, or the apple-shaped Igloo Apple Day Bed.

The choice in seats ranges from the smaller Mango Sofa, which can seat one or two people to the splendour of the covered Sparta Pavilion that can easily accommodate up to ten. The Skyline Chillout range also has swing seats. These include the more conventional looking Olivia Swing Sofa, as well as the sleek lines and fun style of the Cristy and Fabio Hanging Chairs.

View our extensive range of Chill Out Furniture here

Outdoor Hospitality Furniture

Whether you’re the manager/owner of a hotel, bar or restaurant or a homeowner that likes to entertain in style - a sophisticated look for your al fresco dining area is vital.  Hospitality sets offered by Skyline are a superb way of making a spectacular statement. Every item is designed to combine chic good looks with excellent durability, so when you invest in one of our hospitality sets you can be confident of purchasing a long lasting product which is built to withstand the extremes of heat and humidity that are commonplace in outdoor settings.

We source our furniture pieces thoughtfully, ensuring that a good selection of colours, textures and styles are available which complement a range of exterior décor schemes. From the use of hard-wearing materials through to the premium finishes and attention to detail which characterise Skyline furniture, every aspect of a piece is considered to ensure the finished result is of the superior quality our clients deserve. Fusing form and function beautifully, our outdoor hospitality furniture is certain to get noticed for all the right reasons.

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Outdoor Accessories

Skyline Design’s accessories offer the finishing touch to your outdoor haven.

Like all of our products, the accessories are made using only the highest quality all-weather materials, ranging from woven rattan to multistage, powder-coated aluminium. This ensures minimal maintenance so that your furniture can be enjoyed at ease, whether left in sun or rain.

From sideboards to stools, trunks to showers, all of Skyline Design’s accessories have been specifically designed to withstand and enhance the outdoors. Whether an addition to existing furniture or a stunning statement piece, our accessories will add that something extra to your alfresco situation.

Based on neutral tones all are sure to compliment their surroundings, whilst eliminating fears of ruin or wear. The products are also lightweight meaning they are easy to manoeuvre, perfect when you want to add a few more stools to a table or use a screen for discretion.

Our accessories are suitable for use in any public or private outdoor situation.

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Outdoor Lighting

Adding a delightful ambience to any occasion, the right lighting can make or break the mood of an exterior space. Whether you want a vibrant atmosphere for a lively party, or wish to add understated elegance to a more formal celebration, appropriate use of stylish lighting can absolutely transform an area from the mundane to the magnificent. Inventive use of lighting isn’t confined to terrestrial fixtures. Why not enhance a water feature with some innovative illumination?

All the lighting which Skyline has sourced is designed to the highest possible safety specification, ensuring it will keep shining even when there’s rain or wind, both hazards of al fresco entertaining. With the intriguing selection of colours which have been incorporated into many of the light features on offer, it’s possible to select lamps which complement your chosen colour scheme or provide a welcome accent of contrasting colour, perhaps drawing attention to a favourite exterior feature.

Ideal for providing the right lighting for dining, dancing or simply enjoying the scenery, Skyline lighting products offer delightful illumination for any occasion.

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Statues & Sculptures

The appearance of your outdoor space says a lot about your personality. As well as being a place where you can kick back and get in touch with nature, a beautiful garden can bring you immense amounts of pride and be the envy of your neighbours.

Use of sculptures and works of art can take your garden to a whole new level. Whether you are looking to add a classic touch to your creativity or merely want something which will demonstrate your tastes and values, there are a plenty of stunning pieces available.

Sculptures can also create a tranquil atmosphere for prayers and outdoor meditation. Skyline Design has a wide range of items that can help you to produce a serene place for those moments of relaxation and reflection.

Statues available include Sitting Buddas, Easter Island Dum Dum heads and romantic figures.

All products are made from the highest quality materials possible so you do not have to worry about them being damaged by Britain’s somewhat unpredictable weather.

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